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What happens when a director (named Kevin Tancharoen) makes a 7 minute pitch video for $7,500 using a super well known video game franchise?  A kick ass 7 minute short film and a backing from Warner Brothers for live action web series. 

If you ask me, this totally needs to be on a major motion picture scale, especially since it seems to be waay better than the last two Mortal Kombat movies.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen the first movie way too many times and was all over the video game when it came out.  But after seeing this, my head is officially blown and I will be happy to forget the first two movies. The characters have more depth and back story as well as the dark and gritty atmosphere this franchise needed from jump! 

I mean, it has sexy Michael Jai White and my girl Jeri Ryan from Star Trek Voyager!  How can I not have a huge fan girl moment right now??? 

Oh, and you know I’ve already scoped out the photos Kevin posted on his twitter feed recently!


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