Blue Monkey statistics:

Height: 18 Inches

Weight: 9 pounds

Defense Mechanisms: The Blue Monkey becomes invisible at the approach of a preditor or hunter. They are toxic, rendering the meat useless for food.
Their fur is deceptive. It appears soft and cuddly, but it is actually made of micro-quills. These penetrate the skin on contact, work their way into the body and release the toxin that is intrinsic to the animal into the attacker with 100% fatal results.

Reproduction: These animals produce one offspring every 75-85 years. They are quite long lived, suspected to be aged specimens have been observed and skeletons have never been found.

Value: Bounties have been offered for the capture of these creatures that would set the hunter up for life. Billions in Terran Credits are available for the ones willing to die to collect the bounty by capturing one of these elusive creatures.

Since the elusive Blue Monkey lives in the Green Crystal Caves, they actually consume the minerals that the crystals are made from. They do so by consuming the smallest of the crystals which form quickly and are still low on the Mohs scale of hardness, thereby making it possible for the Blue Monkey to eat them. The Blue Monkey pictured above is actually an infant male.

As an adult, this little monkey would grow Fighting Claws on the “thumbs” of each paw, used for territorial disputes and to establish Male Dominance.

The Blue Monkey, when observed is seen to be capricious and playful.
They bond closely with their mates and offspring and when seen in groups, an obvious Hierarchy has been observed. Researches suggest possible intelligence bordering on sentience……

Our story begins.

The Elusive Blue Monkey

Log date: 2082.10.16_Harvest season
I have hunted and captured all kinds of animals, creatures, and beasts; and yet this accursed imp of a beast escapes me. The Doppelgangers in Finland, Illusionary Lions of Sibeth, and the Angstbugs of Duplar, India were nothing compared to this Blue annoyance… they were NOTHING.

I’ve lost Dr. Haverton to illness, Tricia to anger, and most of my crew from fear. Now I’m down to a handful of the obsessed and greedy; for they know how much these beasts are worth.

Our steam powered flying ship has taken a barrage of damage from the frozen wind-clouds leading to the isolated ‘Themusen’ Island chain scattered some distance away from the southwestern edge of Madagascar.

The blind shaman said that they appeared only during the harvest seasons when the sky was strong with ice and the sea imbued with madness… she was correct! The Blue Monkeys fed off of the young crystals growing in the Themusen Green Crystal Caves. It was the perfect place for my hunt. No matter the threat of death and the promise of pain, it would not be enough to stop me. Each of the beasts is worth a chest full of Terran credits and immortality within the pages of science!

The shaman said that they moved as ghosts melding with the foliage, my goggles would solve that problem. Their fur killed tribesmen by touch and their meat is uneatable. Predators feared the blue beasts, while the blasted shamans prayed to them. They’re fools.

I’m going to be rich!

When we landed on the first island, in the chain, it took a little over a week to find our first cave. It took less than an hour to see the first of the Blue Monkeys. It took less than a minute to lose our first member by touching one of the beasts.

– LaPadre Ekkelstein – Hunter Adventurer

Log date: 2082.11.16 A Somber Night’s Note

The otter-skinned tents held to stand by stilted geared poles, earlier tonight, did little to stop the slaughter of rain thundering from the icy midnight sky above. We’ve always used Anguish-Oil to protect the skin from the roughest of weather; it was one of our secrets. Here? It dissolved within the first hours of the storm. There is nowhere with weather such as what I have encountered on this Themusen island. I do it all for these sniveling little blue imps.

I am quickly growing to despise Blue Monkeys.

My goggles can never remain clean nor my attitude sober. I’ve lost interest in hunting them in the night, their eerie screeches have shaken my crew to the point in which the conversations of religion are starting to occur more often than our campfire talks of wealth. This is not good.

It’s just so cold here. It bites at my intentions and steals from my soul. I’ve been dreaming of the mischievous blue imps every night.

We’ve encountered flaming butterflies that burrow themselves into wood making cocoons only to become caterpillars the next morning. We’ve begun collecting them for our evening fires because they burst into flames when you squeeze them. The soil refuses to hold water and moves more like sand. The tree bark from the wood we’re burning smells like death and fruit must be eaten while attached to the tree that it resides on. If you pluck one from a branch it instantly decays.

I have been many places, and there is something wrong with these islands. One of the men said the island is alive the Blue Monkeys are her children. I sent him, escorted by two men, back to the air ship when he woke to a fever the next day and bit off his tongue.

The church proposed this trip. The Queen blessed my journey and my crew. The Black Market promised me compensation, and science held a place for me in history. It’s been a month on this island so far and I’m quickly losing faith in the first two reasons that I’m here.

We lost another man yesterday.

I’m going to get one of these damn monkeys!!!

– LaPadre Ekkelstein – Hunter Adventurer

**The Monkey gazed out of the Shadows at the strange beings who had been invading the caves and stealing the green shinys. They behaved strangely, they made strange sounds. They would be leaving soon….they just didn’t know it yet…

The Journeys of La’Padre Ekkelstein
Chapter 1 – The Blue Monkeys

Date: 2082.11.17
“Suffer the ale no longer to the barrels, you sloths! The chill is upon us. Divide them as if they were the spoils of war, for tonight we will live on! Tomorrow, we will have a d@mn blue imp or I’ll burn this accursed forest as a heathen spitting on the gods!” cried out La’Padre Ekkelstein standing before his tired and frozen-cold crew.

The benumbed draughts moved hail along its breaths as gobs of iced-spit. Each stream of air battered the unyielding gentleman-barbarian captain as he raised his 44-caliber revolver to the sky and fired a single belligerent round into it. The night sky ripped along the trail of the bullet creating an unnatural streak of light which glowed for an instant and then melded away slowly.

“Not only is the island possessed,” thought the fatigued commander, “but also the odious heavens above.”

“To the pit-flames with fear!” challenged La’Padre, “We are the crew of The Chaplain’s Burden and no heaven or hell will have us without a struggle! Break out the ale, Asan and let our throats know warmth for this moment more!”

Jamming his revolver into his holster perched beneath his well-worn Victorian jacket he grabbed his hunting knife and gave it to his crew member to use for ‘popping’ the first hard barrel of stone-rum.

The handsome nectar flowed into goblet and mug alike for each of his small number of men seeking courage and comfort from the eerie cold of this mysterious Themusen island chain protecting the targets of their hunt. The men rampaged with song and dance bringing their campsite to life with laughter as fear dissolved into strength with the same belligerence displayed by their leader; the song of riches became their anthem.

“The men are satisfied” thought the Captain rising from his cushioned foot-stool used as a makeshift seat. He hated the frozen sand beneath his boot as much as the mocking sky and the howls of the unholy wind.

His gray streaked blond-brown hair crawled unkempt across his face splitting just enough to allow his gaze through the darkness to force a return gander from the eyes of his most trusted sci-tech officer, Dr. Clockworthy. A short pitch of his head diagonally commanded the scrawny scientist to follow him without words. Clockworthy was the only crew member not drinking, so the walk with his Captain would be welcomed.

The two stood at the edge of the camp just far enough from the flames so that the gloom of darkness could crawl upon their very shadows. Clockworthy pressed the top of his left cuff button causing it to jump from its placement unfolding small brass legs which seemed to be jewel holders. The five-legged button scampered up his arm and embedded itself into the shoulder pad material of his coat before illuminating the button stone in the center. The Captain and his sci-tech engineer now had their own source of light.

“You’re a master of magic, Clockworthy. I don’t know where we would be without you.” said La’Padre with a stubborn smile and frost-blue eyes.

“Technically, it’s not magic, sir. It’s an Illumistone that I found when we were in Duplar. I merely designed the brass legs from… uh… er… uhm, yea… yes, sir, you are right and… uhm, thank you.” responded the tall engineer with his eyes hiding behind his perfectly round facial goggles.

“We’ve been here too long, Clockworthy. We’ve… I’ve lost two of my best men.” La’Padre moved against the night and stepped into the darkness to hide the disgust presented on his face. “Tell me you have a way to catch one of these beasts alive tomorrow, Clockworthy. The church wants one for study.”

La’Padre’s weight shifts to his back leg as he removed his revolver from its holster to reload the single empty bullet casing from his earlier shot into the sky. He stared intently at his engineer.

“If we don’t bag one kicking by sundown tomorrow, I will be more than happy to bring a trunk filled with blue carcasses to those priests and prophets – to hell with their research… I lost two men!”

La’Padre eased back into the grim light of the illumistone button, “You have to come up with a way to make the church happy, Clockworthy, because… I really don’t care to.”

Dr. Clockworthy had seen this look in his leader’s eyes before.

I understand, Captain Ekkelstein.

~ ~ ~

The Diary of Prof.Clockworthy
Chapter 1.5 – The Blue Monkeys
Date: 2028.11.17
Everyone moped around the camp today, no work was done. The captain seemed deprived of life today as well.  He had the crew split all the toxic ale amongst themselves. I received my share, but I don’t like killing brain cells… they did nothing wrong. I threw it behind the foliage nearby. I can’t even stand the smell of it considering my mother and father threw their lives away drinking and using things of unspeakable matters.  I remember the day they were hanged for what ever they did, I was 10 when that happened. I am 24 now!

Being the youngest in the crew and most likely the most intelligent out of every one, I am not wise La’Padre Ekkelstein. The Captain, as most call him, is by far the wisest man I have ever met. He summoned me for a walk, I supposed he knew I hated the smell of that ale; I swear it will be the cause of this quests down fall. So, I accepted his invitation. We only went to the edge of the camp, (it was sort of dark) I then pressed the top of my left cuff unfolding a small device with brass legs that then seemed to me to climb up my arm and rest its self on my shoulder pad. It then gave us our own light – it was a reddish color and made the captain’s hair look grayer than it normally would.

He called me a Master of Magic which put the look of hate and disgust in my eyes. So, I corrected him and said that it was not magic is was actually a illumistone. I then started telling him how I created the contraption, but I could tell by the look in the mans eye he didn’t care, so I stopped. He began telling me that I need a way to find these beasts, I don’t consider the beasties aggressive, more like a shy cat who would always run away when you go to close.

He also said who he thought were his two best men, but I know, ohh I know, they were going to take the poor, well defended animal for them selves and claim them as their own find. Of course I wasn’t going to say this, considering he already had his .44 caliber revolver out and had just finished reloading it .That was the end of our walk as he strutted down the path we had walked with the confidence that I could solve the problem here. As he walked away I looked at him though my goggles and remember that my invention still lite up the area around me. Then it hit me Inferred vision we would be able to the the monkeys when the turned invisible with the heat waves coming off of their body! I sprinted back towards my tent nearly running in to Honduran who happens to be a trouble maker, I apologized and got started on my new goggles.
~Laroy Calvin Clockworthy~

The Journeys of La’Padre Ekkelstein
Chapter 2 – The Blue Monkeys

Date: 2082.11.18
Morning came as a poltergeist calmed into a lost spirit. With the loss of last night’s anger the weather jeered from frozen-cold into a tropical blessing.

“I hate this place,” grumbled La’Padre waking to the sound of four-winged toucans cawing in the trees above.

The sky was clear and the temperature had raised enough to make coats a burden and sweat a norm.

The gentleman-barbarian pulled his jacket off as if irritated, gathered his hunting knife, and double-checked the ammunition in his revolver. ‘Check your weapons, every morn’ is an old skill learned from his days of war during the Atrican Rebellions. Once satisfied he pushed his way from his musky tent to meet the morning sun as an equal. The glare was welcomed, the strange weather patterns were not.

He grasped his field-crew leader, “Awaken Asan,” he commanded. “Gather the men and distribute the remaining goat meat for breakfast. Today we hunt and all will need their strength.”

“Aye, Captain.” responded the lightly bearded savage from the Eastern mountain lands. It is only natural for him to check his bone sword and blowgun upon awaking as a skill learned from his leader by following him for an amount of season-changes that cannot easily be counted. Asan is as uncivilized and rough as his commander, which is why La’Padre promoted him to field-crew leader.

“Remember, Asan… teach them what you remember of manners when they eat! The priest will be going with us today.” commented the Captain.

“I know nothing of the sort, sir.” said Asan.

“Then I guess the Priest will have to deal with his distaste for watching real men filling their gullet with raw goat meat. Sit the talkative kid next to him to nip at his patience. It will distract him from the others eating breakfast.” ordered La’Padre.

“You know, you’re making no friends with the church Captain.” laughed Asan. “I’ll send Honduran over to him.”

“Excellent.” Responded Captain Ekkelstein before searching around visually for Dr. Clockworthy. The campsite was in utter ruin as men slept anywhere they could lay. The rum barrels were empty and the campfire cinders cold. The shade provided by the passing clouds made those following the respite from morning heat end up at the edges of the tree lines puking out last night’s gluttony while begging for peace from their throbbing heads.
It is then that the shallow distance of the dark called out with a yelping shrill very similar to the sound of young kids playing.

“Silence!” barked La’Padre with his focus towards the northern woods. The sounds danced through the canopies and ended on his ears as he confirmed recognition, “BLUE MONKEYS!!! The imps are near! To hell with breakfast! We move now!!”

Pulling his 44-caliber from his holster La’Padre stepped through his drunken crew and pushed into the tree line. “Asan, get Clockworthy and catch up with me as soon as you can!”

From then, the woods seemed to swallow their commander as he pushed into it escorted by the only friend that understood him… obsession!

The Diary of Dr.Clockworthy
Chapter 2.5 – The Blue Monkeys

Date: 2028.11.18
Finally I have completed my greatest invention!
I had just fallen in to slumber when Asan woke me up in an unforgivable way- he shook me violently, but then he said “The priest is coming he’ll be here any time now!” So, I threw on my Old Duster, grabbed my .357 caliber revolver and headed out thought the camp.  Then I remembered my goggles and my hat, put my boots on and what ever other clothing I could find and suddenly I was following behind Honduran and Asan as close as I could.  On the way I stopped to test my goggles and there seemed to be something wrong. I don’t know what is wrong but I think I can work some of my “Magic,” as The Captain would say and fix it right here. As I slapped my left cuff and before my contraption could make its way up my arm, I had the stone in my hand and in the goggles in a couple seconds… but of course Honduran had not tolerated my pausing- he scooped me up and ran with me over his shoulder! On the way to catch up with Asan, who was all ready almost to the Captain I swear to the heavens I saw this mist, a blue mist and it had a face of a women and she was laughing at me and my goggles. Honduran said I was a crazy, sleep depraved scientist, (which I did not appreciate by any means.) I swear it was there and don’t anybody dare call me crazy! By the time we caught up to La’Padre Ekkelstein I had a horrible back pain and I had been called crazy. I presented my goggles to him and –

The Journey of La’Padre Ekkelstein
Chapter 3 – The Blue Monkeys

Date: 2082.11.18
The musk of the jungle’s breath crawled upon the skin of its invaders as a warning. It crawled under cloth, leather, and armor all the same as it spoke in its heathen voice telling each of them to leave. The vines crept in-between pathways to slow their motions, the canopy shifted and jutted against breezes and sunlight hoping to add to their misery. The elder-aged bark from trees twisted unnaturally provided a nuisance to theirs spirits as they appeared as angered demons rising from the very earth below them.

But it was the rage that was the true blasphemy. It was the singular driven passion of a mad-man tamed that this jungle could not plan on. It was the hard breathing and sweaty huntsmen that slammed his back against a demon-shaped tree for pause long enough to catch the screeches in the trees and to check on his men following closely behind that stood strong within the jungle to say, ‘I am here and I will not yield!’

The gentlemen-barbarian did not fear this jungle’s clutch.

“I see you kept up with my men, priest.” grumbled La’Padre Ekkelstein with a deep-shadowed smile curled upon his face.

“hff – cough – cough – hff…” responded the heavy perspiring man-of-faith leaning against a thin willow tree trying to catch his breath. After wiping his mouth, he looked upon the shirtless savage beside him and the motley duo behind him made up of a hyper-active large framed man and an inquisitive goggled sci-tech engineer strapped with a .357 handgun, a small hand held oddly-designed axe and a bunch of pouches beneath his duster.
“hff-hff- Y-you need to slow down, Ekkelstein. Not all of us were born uncivilized…hff.” said the priest while trying to straighten the cuffs on his garb. “Why do you have us out here in this forsaken wilderness?!?”

“It’s a jungle, priest.” stated the Captain easing over to look up into the tree perches above, “Asan, where stands my crew?”

“Broken-battered and rested from the stone-rum of our night last, Captain.” answered his uncultured field-leader moving slowly to his side.

“Aye, then they are well, Asan. You have brought what I needed; the big-boy and Clockworthy will be assets in the capture of these imps.”

The dancing sounds of monkey ‘eeps’ grew louder as the canopy fluttered in the distance. It was the sharp change from the calls that sounded like children playing to shrieks of terror that drew the focus of La’Padre.

“Something’s happening!” he reared his attention from the trees ahead back to his sci-tech officer. “Have you ‘bit’ the path, Clockworthy?”

“Aye, Captain.” as the doctor gashed the tree beside him with a swipe from his hand axe and shoved an ash-colored paste inside the opening.

“Excellent. Let’s move.” commanded La’Padre.

The team moved deeper into the brush as the thick air dried and fully opened flower blooms contracted to hide their colorful displays. Hours into their journey led to areas in which sky found a way to be seen above the trees and the beams of sunlight that could make it through to the jungle floor increased in numbers.

Asan is an Inasian tribesman from a location that many in the church referred to as the ‘old world’. He dressed in loose armor bit pieces and rarely wore a shirt. He used bone weapons and was almost as good at tracking as La’Padre Ekkelstein. He protected his skin from pests in the woods with a dusted amber –seed concoction that had been passed down for generations amongst his people. It was so effective that other crew members begged him for it on field missions through swamps, forests, and jungle. It was this very concoction that created concern for the field-leader, “Captain… there are no mosquitoes here.”

“I have noticed Asan.” Said La’Padre as he lowered himself closer to the ground to inspect the nearby bushes pulled into a deeper pathway through the jungle.

“The ground aches with weight at this spot and these branches were broken from a rush.” La’Padre slid his knife from its sheathe and used it to press the bush edges apart leading forward. His inspection continued which led him to claw scratches on various nearby trees and deep-blue quills embedded in the bark of some.

He then knelt and pushed his blade backwards in a flicking motion a few inches above the ground. The wet leaves wrapped around the result of his motion as La’Padre whispered, “Asan, dust’em.”

The field leader lost no time in the sprinkling of amber dust upon the wet wrap of leaves. Slowly within seconds, the shape and form of a dead and partly devoured monkey appeared from the special blur in the center of the wrap.

The priest was the first to gasp. “Is… that one of them? Is that a Blue Monkey?”

La’Padre sheathed his knife and softly kicked the carcass over for a better view.. “Yea… and we’re not the only one hunting them. There are more players to this game.”

The Diary of Dr.Clockworthy
Chapter 3.5 – The Blue Monkeys

Date: 2082.11.18
Today, I priest travels with us. Even tho he is hardly built for this and Honduran won’t carry him because it in a “sin” to disrespected someone of in his position… but if that’s the truth way has lighting from the sky not struck me or the ground opened up to devour me! Is it because I am not worthy or may faith in the maker so… weak. But that’s another story for another time. I finely found a use for me odx or has the priest says “the devils axe” but I see not how it is a devil axe considering I made it and I don’t even think the devil is a real being I mean do you expect me to believe the there a man sitting under ground waiting for god to send to the center of the earth to have me burned. No? I didn’t think so! But during my rant, Asan had found something. I was asked if I had “bit” the path so I said “Aye” like I knew what he was talking about but then shortly after we found something in my head I said well looks like we found what we came for, but I respect the Captain to much to say that and I stayed quiet.. What we had found well is was a dead have eaten blue monkey, I wondered if we could get paid for that but I wouldn’t be here if that was the case so I took the monkey back to camp for examination.
This is what I wrote in me study:
It appears some thing has to be able to kill it with out being killed be the poison.
Can sense its presence
Is fast enough to avoid the darts from it back
Is silent in order to sneak up on the imp
Another imp maybe fighting for dominance
Maybe the female eat me males after mating like spiders
This imp we found was a male maybe older then lasted sited one…


The Journeys of La’Padre Ekkelstein
Chapter 4 – The Blue Monkeys

Date: 2082.11.18
A stone’s throw from a running river of crystal clear water and two hours until sunset brought La’Padre Ekkelstein and his men to the edge of the location closest to the Blue Monkey shrieks.
They waited just before a well-timed weak current before pushing through the chilled spring flow and onto the bank of the opposite side.

Asan is the first to pull himself from the river water, followed by La’Padre with the priest clutched to the back of his shirt beside himself in fear.

“You KNEW I couldn’t swim, Ekkelstein!! You did this on purpose!!” cried the soaking wet angered priest. “By the heavens, I will not forget this… you… you… savage! You could have taken another route. You’ve done this because I am without my protectors.”

“Still your tongue priest, as if you want to keep it; we need the silence now, it is our ally.” said the Captain in a sullen tone. “Asan, with Clockworthy and Honduran gone, you need to ‘bite’ the trees.”

“Aye, Captain.” responded his field-leader in a tone one level lower than his Captain’s. He pulls Dr. Clockworthy’s hand axe from a leather strap on his belt and gashes the closest tree to the area of the river bank that they exited. He then proceeded to fill the gash with ash-colored paste.

“What exactly are you doing, Asan? What is that stuff?” inquires the priest.

“It is our way back, Field-Father Hardin.”

La’Padre knelt at the edge of the jungle, reached into one of his elaborately designed leather pouches near the back of his belt and withdrew what appeared to be a simple brass pocket watch with a long chain. Asan moved up beside him kneeling and pulled his blowgun down from his back to the ready position. Field-Father Hardin, confused as to what to do without instruction, bumbled around for a moment then followed suit and kneeled on the opposite side of the Captain.

Holding the brass watch case forward, La’Padre depressed the button clasp on the head of it causing the top to flip open exposing a device more on the lines of a compass. The two thicker arms of different lengths flowed around the dial like a watch being set to the correct time then slowed with the larger arm pointed towards the priest and the shorter arm pointed forward. The tiny jewel at the tip of the larger arm glowed as green as a polished emerald; while the stone on the tip of the shorter arm went from a sunbaked amber to a strong orange hue.

The Captain pressed a small notch on the side of the compass and the thin second hand spinned once stopping in the direction of the priest before jumping to a second spin which ended in the same direction as the orange tipped short hand.

“WHAT IN THE BLASPHEMUS PITS OF IGNORANCE IS THAT, EKKELSTEIN?!?” questioned Field-Father Hardin strongly and quietly. “It has the likes of a thing of evil.”

“It’s a… ‘Special’ compass, that I picked up on one of my adventures.” said La’Padre before nodding his head to Asan ordering him to move closer. “We have trouble up there, Asan. The compass is telling me that there’s an animal larger than a human with some kind of technology or valuable metal. “

Suddenly a loud bellow ripped through the silence of the jungle not all that far from their position. A pair of lower howls could be heard echoing the first as the screeches of Blue Monkeys followed the calls of the full trio.

“Take the flank, Asan, they’re about 50 paces into the bush.” commanded La’Padre.

“What about me?!? I’m not waiting here alone!” whispered Field-Father Hardin as his hands began to tremble. “YOU left my protectors back at your accursed campsite. I am no warrior, Ekkelstein.”

“Have faith, priest.” said the Captain softly. “You’re a linguist; I’m going to need you.”

Asan melded into the shadows of the jungle to the far left of the duo as they moved slowly with short steps though moist sand, vines, and tropical lizards making their ways across braches and leaves.

An entire shift of shadows from the tiring sun had passed before the duo found the source of the mysterious shrills. The wet leaves before them hiding their presence gave way to the wicked majesty of savage beasts imbued with savage acts in what appeared to be for a savage purpose.

Matted whisked fur brazenly standing upon a gigantic muscled frame, shifted and flowed as its leopard colored patterns outlined the struggle of its owner to hold his shackled victim down. Howls from the victim were answered by howls from this captor and his partner alike; beside him holding the other side of their captor. Their grunts and heaves throw them from shadow to dim-light back to shadow again as the victim kicked large black-leathered bare feet against the rocks in rebellion.

“Stop them, Ekkelstein! They’re killing that person!!” said the priest cowered into a crouched position unable to look away from the horror of the struggle before him.

“I’ll do nothing of the sort, Priest. The dim-light has given me enough of a vision to pray that my memory of stories long told are false; YOU, had better pray that they are false, also.”

Suddenly, the chill of calmness came to life as the muffled cracking of bone and the slurping of flesh could be heard just within the grasps of the large leopard framed torturers. One has a large gold armlet around his bicep with intricate Ugytian designs in it. His wide back is covered with gray fur in a diamond shape that is bordered by yellow and black leopard fur that covers his large tensed arms and short legs.

“They killed the prisoner, Ekkelstein! You let them kill him!” whispered Field-Father Hardin in an annoyed voice that is loud enough just to be heard as an unnatural sound crossing the wind.

“SHUT UP, PRIEST!” said the Captain, shoving his hand over his mouth… knowing that it was too late.

The two beasts buried in the shadows before them turned slowly as their flattened large nostrils pulled against the air to confirm scents that do not fit into this jungle. Canines ripped into the glimpses of sunset as two seven-foot behemoths repositioned their mass onto their large-fingered knuckles in order to glare into the exact position that La’Padre and Field-Father Hardin were hiding.

The larger of the two beasts leaned back, shifting his weight in order to come to a stance bringing him higher than eight feet as he held each of his arms out to the side before tightening his muscles.

Claws extended from each of the fingers of the beast as his grizzled lips churned in shape and form to give words to his angered groan, “MEN!”

La’Padre Ekkelstein withdrew his handgun and pulled his oversized hunting knife from his sheathe, “Raise up, Priest, no more use in us hiding, we’re about to fight for our lives.” The Captain stepped from the mouth of the jungle that hid them and into what was left of the sunset leaving the day. The shaken priest stood behind him. “Wh-What are th-they?”

La’Padre leaned his head back to answer Field-Father Hardin without losing sight of the two beasts before him, “They are from myth. They’re Leopard-Skinned Silverback Gorillas, Priest… They defy the gods of nature and they’re man-killers.”

The Diary of Dr. Clockworthy
Chapter 4.5- The Blue Monkey

Date: 2082.11.18

So, today The Captain and Asan took the “Father” for a little walk. I was forced to give up my axe, but I can trust Asan has no interest in stealing it. I finally learned what “bite” was, it makes sense now… The crew did nothing. They sat around, drank, ate and that’s about it, because they all fell asleep by 4:30. But one person was still awake and his name was Nathaniel Prescott.

Me and Nathaniel talked and talked… we ended up Creating an Air-Boat. I figured it would be good to make something more useful to the crew besides just me.  We built it and it moves at around 20 kmh and has very stiff steering, (Nathaniel did that part,) but I will have to fix it before I let The Captain see it! The Air-Boat needs to look more… umm… how can I put this… colorful in stead of that revolting shade of gray. I called upon Gerrick Davis, an impulsive, inquisitive, competitive, and light hearted, Orante Tree Piker. But of course he refused to help, so I pulled rank on him as Head engineer. He snapped. He charged at me like a bull, so I did what every man with an IQ of 502 would do- I noticed Globifer, a very short tempered, not to mention hungover, devoted servant and protector of Qadilina. I stepped out of the way,  letting Gerrick run right into the sworn protector of my wife… well, that didn’t end well for him.

All I wanted was some paint for the Air-Boat. I don’t like doing that – the pulling rank part – not the watching of a poor sod getting the living reason beat out of him. I could have easily flipped him with the metal staff I carry around but, I didn’t want to hurt the best explosive engineer in the world even, if his IQ is only 190. I did find my paint though, it was a perfect shade of green.  A new project I requested The Captain assign him. I took it back to Nathaniel, he painted it, and then voila, it was done and ready to be presented to The Captain. By now it was 7:00 I commended Nathaniel on a job well done.