About three and a half years ago, we did an interview with Cyanide Studios about their upcoming RPG Confrontation. Its been a while, so I thought I would go back and take a look see at how things have been coming along. This is what I found.


A visually lush and stunning world with a rich, complex story: “Foretold by many prophecies, the Rag’narok is the war of the age of darkness, the battle during which the gods will choose their champions before putting Aarklash to fire and sword. Nobody knows what will become of the world after this terrible war: pure and simple destruction, transformation or rebirth.

The Rag’narok began in the desert of the Syharhalna, when the Scorpion people allowed the god Arh-Tolth to return to Aarklash. The Scorpion army has set off on a long march to conquer the rest of the continent. This daring maneuver provoked a chain reaction, kindling the fires of war.

The Griffin has now been at war for decades against the Scorpion, and the Akkylannians are starting to face an even stronger enemy with bigger creatures deadlier than before. Determined to put an end to the heretic experiences of the Scorpion, the Griffin’s Temple of the South decides to send their best warriors behind enemy lines, in the heart of the Syharhalna, to investigate the unsettling acts of the Scorpion and foil their plans. This is the starting point of the dangerous quest that has been given to you, which you must complete… no matter the cost.”


If you wish to take on Ragnorok, visit Confrontation here: