One more week until The Elite Forces Division e-book is released and I saved the best character for last in this Who is series!  (If you haven’t checked on the deets on  Islander and Knight, go ahead!  What are you waiting for?? LOL)

He is the key, the head man in charge, the ultimate man of the hour!  He is the fearless leader of the Elite Forces Division, and, in my opinion, is the face of the Ghost Hawks!

So who is Pharoah?




“Mess with my family, my team, or my nation… and I promise that I will crush you!”


Character Profile-Pharaoh

Name: Jonathan James Edwards

Rank: Captain, USMC

Specialty: Team-Leader

Unit: The First Factor

Ht: 6’3” – 6’6” (charged up)

Wt: 260lbs – 410lbs (charged up).

Age: 28

Powers: Pharaoh’s cellular structure went through an intense genetic change adding increased efficiency far beyond that of even Knight and Islander. Pharaoh’s cells literally produce an infinite amount of N-ionic energy that is only limited by the natural fusion being created within his body.

 Every human uses N-ionic energy within their body. It is created by the brain and used to power all functions of the body through the cells and nerves. N-ionic energy is consumable.

 Pharaoh’s body functions differently. Once his body uses its energy, it fuses the atoms from the depleted energy with those of  new energy that is created. This N-ionic-fusion creates a theoretical infinite amount of power growth within him by making of his cells far stronger and more powerful than the norm. As his cells continue to grow by this process, it naturally releases small amounts when he becomes excited. The result is a light N-ionic charge which compresses his muscles increasing his durability and strength.

 This power growth has caused over 100lbs of mass to be added to his physical body in the past during one of his training sessions. His strength level also increased exponentially giving him the ability to lift (press) a little over 4 tons that day.

 The release of his recycled N-ionic energy from whatever his current host cell is at the time has been labeled as N-ionic fission. The amount that he can release is based on the amount that has been stored. Pharaoh literally increases in power the more that he moves. He has yet to deplete his stores; in fact, at the present time, he has never depleted less than half of his recorded amounts.

Pharaoh is highly resistant to many poisons and diseases. His bone structure and flesh is extremely dense giving him the ability to punch through solid steel without any damage to his body. By concentrating he can increase and decrease the density of his flesh, ranging from normal human strength to near invulnerable.   

Experiment Side-Effects: Pharaoh has a large opening on his chest in the shape of the connector tube that was used during the initial experiment. The opening on his chest appears to have a clear covering which in all ways is identical to his surrounding flesh. The only difference is that it is transparent and he cannot control the density of it. Through the near invulnerable clear-skin opening on his chest, active N-ionic energy fission is clearly displayed. Pharaoh’s internal organs, have all adapted to function with this new form of ‘replacement heart’. This has also created a level of concern in the fact that Pharaoh is NO WHERE near the peak of his powers levels; they are merely at their birth stage. His abilities are continually growing as his body continues to go through changes.

Artwork courtesy of: Omen