We are continuing with the Who Is series as we gear up for the release of the The Elite Forces Division by Edward J Stinson Jr. this Memorial Day.  Last week Islander had his chance to shine and he happens to be one of my favs (Can you imagine a black militant man who becomes the race he has learned to despise??  I can’t even tell you how cool that part was!) 

But anywho, it’s Knight’s turn now!  Are you ready for some latin flavor my friends??

Elite Forces Division

Character Profile-Knight

Name: Edward Gonzalez

Rank: Corporal, USMC

Specialty: Assault

Unit: The First Factor

Ht: 5’10”

Wt: 165lbs.

Age: 21


Scientific test have found that Knight’s physiology has been enhanced in certain areas. When Knight went through the experiment, his cells replicated and mutated based on his current mental and physical level. His cells basically took a ‘snapshot’ of his current build, structure, hair, etc. and based their enhancements on that. Knight’s cellular structure functions 3 to 5 times more efficient than a normal person. His metabolism and other bodily functions adjust dynamically much faster in order to stabilize his body to that point after the Enhancement Process; his body perceives that single point in time as the baseline for his basic physiology. This causes Knight to heal damaged tissue many times faster than a normal, although he cannot regenerate full limbs. His muscle tissue has increase in tensile strength and efficiency, giving him the ability to lift (press) approximately 600lbs with extreme effort. He is very agile and able to vertically jump 8 feet in the air. He is able to hold his breath for almost 20 minutes while performing exercise.

His senses have also increased giving him the ability to distinguish ingredients by taste. He can also identify individual instruments within an orchestra using his hearing. His mental control has also increased giving him the ability to control his senses. He is able to decrease or increase their sensitivity by thought. He has displayed other mental abilities such as thought-sharing; Knight is able to sense fear from others within a 50ft radius. Currently he has little to no control over it and it is activated almost instinctively. It is believed that this will change with time and training.

Experiment Side-Effects: Knight’s cellular enhancement has also slowed his vitamin-D absorption rate making him slightly weaker in direct sunlight. His peak strength and abilities are only attainable at night or in shadows. When wounded, his recovery level is also highest at night. Another disturbing function that is being studied, is that Knight ‘seems’ to have the distinct ability to tap into the life-force or life-energies of other people. It appears that this can be done to weaken opponents it is also believed that he does this when he heals. When questioned, Knight denies this, but there have been a series of reports from different nurses that have cared for him about leaving his room with the feeling of being drained. This is currently being studied.

Artwork courtesy of: Omen

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