Elite Forces Division

As we get totally amped up for the release of the The Elite Forces Division by Edward J Stinson Jr. this Memorial Day, I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak into the awesome characters in this book!  I’ve been lucky enough to know the author personally and just from the few chapters I was able to take a peak at, this book is going to be wicked awesome!  Sci-fi fans and lovers of all things that explode will be instantly gratified.

So, who is Islander?


Name: Shawn Livingston

Rank: Staff Sergeant, USMC

Specialty: Sniper

Unit: The First Factor

Ht: 6’1″

Wt: 180lbs.

Age: 30

Powers: Islander has the ability to focus his N-ionic energy through his hands, in the form of bio-plasma. The energy is malleable enough to be stretched similar to rubber. By holding one end of the bio-plasma and stretching the opposite end, Islander can release it creating a spring effect that will launch the energy as a bolt with the range and general accuracy of a slingshot. Scientist of the technology division created a customized bow made up of a highly durable and lightweight metal known as Atonium. This bow allows Islander to manipulate and stretch the N-ionic plasma into bolts and fire them as arrows of energy at targets with distances greater than 100 yards with extreme accuracy.

Islander mentally controls the energy’s strength and heat upon creation. He can create highly concussive bolts that carry very little heat or heat intensive bolts that cause very little concussion. He has also mastered the ability to create a durable type of energy bolt that can deflect off of solid objects and be directed at a target. Islander’s reflexes have also been increased to three to four times quicker than a normal human.

Experiment Side-Effects: The experiment apparently created an abnormal change in DNA structure of Islander. Islander’s cellular pigmentation has genetically been changed to that of a Caucasian. His eyes are now ice blue and his hair is blond, it has been straightened by the color loss. This is believed to have happened because of the N-ionic energy increase in his body within the blue spectrum, this is still being studied.

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Artwork courtesy of: Omen