Image courtesy of Image associated with “Superman: Man of Steel” a Warner Brothers Film.

Well now… about Superman – oops, I’m sorry… they’re calling him the Man-of-STEEL, this is one of those titles that brings ALL kinds of emotions to comic book fans all over the world. For those who don’t follow comics or understand what I’m talking about let me explain…

We have a nasty little LOVE – HATE relationship with Superman.

Superman is all but iconic and lays the foundation to all things ‘Superheroes’. He represents the beginning of an era as well as the immortality of an industry. He lets every generation know that superheroes will exist as long as there are children, fans, and those who simply want to see something different. This is why we can’t help but to love him.

There is nothing worse than finding one of your parent’s records, your high school cassette tapes, or even a floppy disk that has something on it that brings back memories, but NOT having something to play it.

This is the current position of the Man-of-steel. He is not relevant.

He is out of his time.

He is a struggle to write as a character because there are very few issues that he can’t solve with his powers and abilities. We are talking about a character that can lift a building, survive a nuclear explosion, fire beams from his eyes with the heat of the sun, blow cold breath that can freeze people and objects in place, run around the world in less than a minute, fly around the world even faster, and create sonic shock waves by clapping his hands.

Oops… did I forget to mention, he’s over six feet tall, square-jawed with Asian black hair and classic blue European eyes. You can lay a dresser across the width of his shoulders to measure them, his six-pack hurt the eyes to look at, and his body naturally displaces soil, grime, and oils to protect it… the guy doesn’t even get acne.

Here’s another big one, which matters in OUR generation… he’s EMPLOYED!!

This guy has a job that gives him the freedom to carry out missions all over the world alone and with the Justice League without any reprimands! We’re not talking about the smoke-break argument or coming back from lunch 7 minutes late!

We’re talking about a cosmic adventure out there on OA (Green Lantern’s planet) and/or Apokalypse (Darkseid’s planet). Did I mention, he even works with Batman on detective cases that takes days to solve? Moving on…

Clark makes $30k to $40k a year and has no complaints about a light bill. He’s single with NO kids (would you believe?). He doesn’t have to help his parents… neither set (the humans or the Kryptonians). He doesn’t get sick, so his insurance company loves him and he never has a car problems.

If I ever said these things about someone as a basic description, the average person would blow me off in disbelief. This is why our so beloved Man or Steel is lost. What real problems can he have that he can’t solve?

A bank robbery… yea, right. Falling in Love with Lois?

Have you been to or, Clark?

Keeping an identity? This is TOTALLY stupid in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Mail!!

Protecting his parents? Dude, you’re Superman! C’mon, who REALLY gonna’ threaten them and walk away ALIVE, other than Doomsday or possibly Batman?!?

This is why I was SO glad when Zack Snyder got his hands on this character. He knows the only way to reboot this character is to make him grim and to show his weaknesses. He knows how to challenge his heroes in more ways than the standard. When he ‘Story-tells’, he focuses on the nuances that make a character mortal instead of the stubbornness of their superiority.

His challenge will be bringing the two together… and there are SO many of us praying that he gets it right with this version of Superman…

…oops – Man-of-Steel!!