Where are the Superheroes?

Creating a superhero is much like creating any other character, the difference is that superheroes deal in the realm of the abnormal and/or extreme. They are often involved in the deviant aspects of society whether it is on the ground level (also known as ‘street’ level) to the most extreme (Aliens, time-travel, cosmic events, etc.)

When designing a superhero, the challenge is to balance the norm against deviance.

We have an ‘in-betweener’ set of short stories in which we would like to include adventures with some new fan made superheroes in order to give them exposure… and to have some fun!

The stories will all be fictional, gritty, and superheroic. It takes place the following month after the end of the Elite Forces book sold on the main page of the website.

The first thing we need to consider when creating your hero is his/her purpose. Why do they want to be a superhero?

We then need to establish the type of superhero they would like to focus on the most (I describe this in detail on another one of my posts); are they PROACTIVE, DEFENSIVE, or REACTIVE heroes?

What drives them? This is critical because it will help them to push through challenges.

Special Abilities? Super powers? Tools and or tech?

What is their niche – what makes them unique and interesting?

Add all of this up, then come up with a name. Once you have a name, then decide on a costume starting with functionality first and decoration last.

Once we have these basics set up, the brainstorming can truly begin… THAT is the FUN part!!!