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A quick run down courtesty of Yahoo! Movies:

A group of co-workers on a corporate retreat escape the collapse of a suspension bridge because of a fellow worker’s premonition of the disaster,and then are hunted by an invisible force that seems to be Death itself, coming to collect its due.

They are two things that give me some hope about this movie:

1.  It seems to have a brand new group of people.  If they started bringing back the people from 4 like they did in the first two movies, I would be peeved. I’m also glad that were not dealing with a bunch of high schoolers too.  I love ya’ll but let’s see how the grown ups and Death face off.  Besides, I’m almost 30 so I can relate better.

2.  The 2 year gap in-between the last movie and this movie is really good.  I’m hoping they used the time wisely to really develop the story line, get some believable characters, and think of new and cool ways for these people to die.  That’s what made the movies so cool in the first place.  So far in this trailer, the eye doctor and acupunture scene looked wicked awesome!  A laser incinerating your eyeball??  I am clearly intrigued!



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