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Incantation, Divination, Enchantment, Conjuration, Illusion, Transmutation, or Evocation:
Can you tell the difference between the schools of magic if one of your characters had to cast a Meteor Burst spell? Which one versus the other?

Can you walk around the corner of the maze, see the Minotaur ready to charge and know in the heat of the moment whether you should cast a Fireball, Magic Arrow, Frost Shield, or Bless.

Can you look at your companion; injured about to pass into the beyond and cast a powerful enough Heal spell to sustain him or her until a proper healer can be found?

Magic plays an important role in giving many stories a real element of fantasy. There are rules of magic just as there are rules to life.
You break the law, you go to jail.
You don’t study a spell in order to cast it correctly, you blow yourself up.
Nuff said.

In many fantasy stories, magic is a skill that someone; learns, they are born with, or granted. Magic has been an essential part of the world since the beginning of mankind. When we were but specks of dust, things of magic existed. Things that were not understood, were labeled, Magic. When the first fire was ignited, when the first bolt of lightning struck, when the Earth first shook, when the sun became black and the moon became red – it was Magic.

Magic allows the caster to bend the universe and its elements to their will, and it can all be achieved with the utilization of Spells.

When creating your world and you reach the part pertaining to Magic, Spells, and other mystical elements, if you want your readers to be immersed you must create an element of magic that will complement your world.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when incorporating Magic and Spells.

Are magic users born with magic or can anyone learn it?
What are magic users called in your world?
Is magic considered a blessing or a curse?
Can spells be recharged or are they used once and must be relearned?
What is a spells damage type?
What is a spells effect?
Will a spell be ranged, touch, melee, triggered, or AOE (area of effect)?
Does a spell require speaking a phrase, saying a magic word, the use of components, hand movements, or finger gestures?
Does the power of the spell come from the magic user or does it come from a power source?
Does casting a spell weaken the magic user?
Can spells backfire?
Where are spells powered from; Nature, Divine, Elements, Arcane, Cosmos, Inner Power, Symbols, or Idols?
How do magic users dress?

These are just a few of the questions that can arise when dealing with a magical world and a few of the things that must be considered in order to immerse your reader. I’ve only touched on a bit of information needed to begin the journey.