Many people ask me how I make money as a writer, and I always tell them it’s not easy. Just like anything else in life, you have to work at it and that means perseverance, and making time to write.

I have not always been so blessed with being able to do what I dreamed of doing. I have held numerous jobs including vacuum sales, debt collecting, box office ticketing, special ed teacher, and traveling toy salesman. These jobs were simply stepping stones that lead me to say goodbye to the normal 9-5 grind and hello to the unknown world of  Renaissance festivals and writing books.

I believe that I am a true study of perseverance.
Case in point, since I could remember, I wanted to be in the acting field in some way shape or form. As a child I found myself dreaming of stardom and fame on TV or the stage. As I got older, I encountered serious roadblocks along the way. I was never right for the part or I didn’t know the right people. A few times I was too fat or too short for the role I was auditioning for. I even experienced terrible teachers in college that said they saw great potential in me, but then took every chance they had to humiliate or belittle my technique. I grew a thicker skin to survive which has helped me in many situations, and perhaps I should thank them for trying to make me quit. Despite their best efforts, or due to them, I pursued what I wanted even more fervently. When the path was blocked, I simply thumbed my nose and presented my favorite finger to adversity while I chose a different route.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be making a living performing as the village Mad woman at festivals all over the country, dragging a dragon, and entertaining children with my shows, and book series. Instead of looking for a niche to fit into, I carved one out bit by bit until I felt I was ready to launch.  This of course took many years to realize what I had  unconsciously done for myself. I was simply having a good time making people laugh. The minute I figured out I could make a living at it if I worked hard enough, I took the leap and never looked back. This leap of faith not only lead me to an awesome career in entertaining, but the book series I wanted to write for years became a reality.

When I wrote my very first book, I didn’t know where to start. All I knew was I had a story about my character and her dragon going on a very important journey.  The dream of the story woke me up at 5 am one morning and I finished it by noon the same day.  I was excited and wanted to get it illustrated and published immediately.  I spent a lot of time (over a year) and money (more than I want to talk about)  trying to illustrate and publish on my own. I now tell people my joke.  I wrote my book in less than a day and published it in over a year. Writing, much like acting, is all about perseverance, spending the time to get your work out there, and getting noticed by the right people. Much like building Rome, it takes a while.

Looking back on this process I wish I had found my current publisher,Visual Adjectives, much sooner. Though, I learned a lot about the self publishing process, so much heartache could have been avoided if I only knew what I know now. Hindsight is always 20/20.

So you want to be a writer? Do you have a story you want published? Contact Visual Adjectives, they can help.