I’ve mentioned before, I am the author of a children’s book series called Mad Maggie’s Adventures. It’s a series of four books about how to handle difficult situations children and adults face every single day.

With poetic verse and colorful illustrations, my first book has become very popular everywhere I have visited. My Facebook is already well over 750 likes!

This is a very exciting time for me. My second book in the series “You’re My Friend Too!”is officially coming out December 7 with a book signing hosted by my amazing publisher Visual Adjectives at the Second Edition Book Shop in Davie Florida. It’s already available at Barnes & Noble on Visual Adjectives and on my website www.madmaggie.org.

Yes! I am shamelessly plugging my product. See how easy that is?

Within a few paragraphs I’ve given you enough information to like my page, purchase my books, or at least learn what I’m all about.

Shamelessly plugging your product is how you become successful. If no one knows you’re there, how will they know to come find you?

Among my friends and fans I have become the go to person when they need a children’s book. The reason for this is I’m always promoting myself. It’s scary and there’s that possibility of rejection looming over me. The question of whether or not someone likes my book tries to dampen my efforts, but I force myself to give out my cards and book marks, write my blogs on my website, go to Fairs and schools where I read my book to audiences, and I’m constantly posting on Facebook and Twitter. Doing these things is draining but in the end it’s worth it.

When you have your story out there, it’s published, and you’re ready for everyone to know about it, there’s nothing wrong with some shameless promotion. You can usually count on friends and family to buy your book, but after they’re done, you have to go out and find your fans. That’s where social media and leg work comes in.

Facebook is a great tool to get the word out. Create a business page and ask all your friends and family to like and share your page. Pretty easy at first. Most people will follow your enthusiasm and want to help. Keeping up the momentum is the hard part.

Once close friends and family have liked your page, you will find yourself asking those who are your friends but haven’t liked your page yet to like it over and over again. It’s not that they don’t like you, or at least I hope it’s not they don’t like you, it’s more likely they haven’t seen the like request or the request has been lost in the plethora of requests that happen on Facebook every day. Keep harassing them eventually one or two of them will like your page.

Also in order to keep your page updates fresh and on other people’s feeds, you’re going to want to post between 2 to 3 times a day or post in the early evening when people are just coming home from work and are able to see their Facebook. I find when I post in the early evening more people see my posts and I actually get more likes.

Create a QR code and put it on your business card. If people are able to scan your QR code it’s more likely they will like your page while it’s there in front of them. Creating one of these is insanely easy. Just Google create QR code, and you will find several websites where you can make one for free and download it. Most people have QR scanners on their phones so this is an amazing tool to help drum up more business.

Make sure you create a website outside of Facebook. This is very helpful because not everybody likes Facebook. You can also promote your website on Facebook and have a store to sell your books. There are a lot of really good free website creators I use weebly.com.

You will not be successful on just Facebook alone, you have to get out there and meet people. The more people you meet the more likely you will sell your book. I perform at Renaissance Faires all over the country. So it helps that everyone I talk to while I am in character, gets a bookmark. This helps promote sales and Facebook likes. I’ve even gotten gigs to read my book at several schools simply by talking to people at the faire. Goes to show you never know who you are going to meet.

So be shameless and fearless. Get out there and promote yourself. Nobody else will do it for you.