It’s Friday and despite the best intentions to have a mind blowing, totally awesome writing post for you – alas the dreaded deadlines of a newbie author are getting the best of me! It’s also the start of my first year wedding anniversary so you know how we ladies have to prepare for the whole looking cute, romantic thing!

So ss I prepare to get my holiday/anniversary weekend on, I thought I’d leave you guys with some awesome resources to help get your writing on!

Last year, our fearless leader EJ Stinson gave a great four part blog series on developing your characters from start to finish!

Bringing Characters to Life: The Character Profile

Bringing your Character to Life: The Four Character Components

Bringing Your Characters to Life: Focus vs. Complex Characters

And Yet We Are All Born into Sin: Establishing your Character’s Sins and Virtues

Having Issues With Your World Building? Have no Fear!

3 Tips on Worldbuilding That Will Help You Keep Your Sanity

An Outline to Get Your World Building Started

Our Forum is Bursting at the Seams with Awesome Websites and Resources from types of horses to an apple and spice breakdown!

Awesome Writing Blogs We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Jody Hedlund’s Blog – her first book was a hit and she drops serious knowledge in every blog post

Kristen Lamb’s Blog – from building platforms to making sure your antagonist is as evil as he can be, her blog is full of humor, info, and eyeopeners

Terrible Minds – if you want the complete no-hold’s barred truth about writing, editing, and sh*t, this is the blog for you!

The Best Damn Creative Blog – for everything that’s going on in the writing world

What I Saw – extremely helpful for those who struggle with setting and how important it is. Her blog posts always have some new rock formation, funky plant, or interesting animal and always seems to bring it all back to writing.

Mystery Writing is Murder – don’t let the name fool you because Elizabeth has super helpful information that helps writers of all genres

If you have any other resources you want to add, feel free!

Happy Writing!

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