The Adventures of Knight-Hood: Volume I


The Adventures of Knight-Hood:  Volume I

by John Reid

A book based on the Real Life SuperHero Movement.

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What would you do if you lost everything, and found out you were going to lose your life as well?

Fed up with crime and injustice, Alex Breydon finds himself in such a position. No one has super powers. There are no such things as alien threats, and people do not possess magical abilities.

This is real life.

Alex decides, with nothing else to lose, he is going to fight the evils he sees occurring every day. Donning a mask and taking advantage of the technology available, he begins his crusade against crime. A “Knight in shining armor”, who aids those in distress, he becomes, Knight-Hood. A Real Life Super Hero.

The crime syndicates hate him, the police misunderstand him, and the media sensationalize him. All of which rapidly makes his life complex and he soon finds himself stalked by an assassin.

Sticking to his ideals and his vow to never take a life, Knight-Hood is embroiled in a battle for his very survival, striving not only to protect his own life and reputation, but those of others as well.





In the spirit of Knight-Hood, Mr. Reid is very generously donating 40% of sales to Feed America Tampa Bay.

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