Cathedr’l: Fantasy Role Playing Chess


Cathedr’l Fantasy Role Playing Chess: Tournament Edition

by Edward James Stinson III

The world of Cathedr’l is a place of economics, politics, and conflict. But is still a world of fantasy and magic. It is still a world of diversity as the races of Humans, Eldrens, and Dons live together alongside other races and other creatures that survive off of the land.

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The realm is yours to conquer and control, though your opponent will believe the same. It is up to you, your strategy, and the effectiveness of your troops to achieve victory.

With each character having their own hit points, armor, weapons, accuracy, spells, and unique abilities, a story is created with every match as you fight to protect your kingdom and conquer the realm of battle… The Chess Board.

Welcome to the world of Cathedr’l.



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