Priest 2011


After seeing the trailer for this movie when my husband and I went to see Battle Los Angeles, we both agreed that this was a film we had to see. This weekend provided the perfect opportunity!  We took my little sister to her high school prom and while we waited for her night of puffy dresses and music to end, we headed to the movies!  Stuffed from our dinner of hot wings and beer we sat down and geared ourselves up to see an awesome movie filled with vampires and ass kicking Priests.


The movie opened with an awesome graphic novel depiction of the war between man and vampires.  From the time of Knights and Lords, man waged war with the supernatural beasts until they were not only destroying each other but the world around them.  Man just couldn’t keep up and they retreated into walled, industrial cities under the protection of the Church.  The Church in turn, trained their priests into highly skilled vampire assassins who went out to wage war against the vampires. Soon the vampires were defeated and forced to live in guarded reservations.  After that, the Priests were disbanded and soon were seen as outcasts in the walled cities they lived in.  These cities and it’s people are completely under the Church’s control, where the motto:  To go against the Church, is to go against God is what keeps them all in line.  A Priest, who learns that his brother and wife are murdered and niece kidnapped by vampires out in the Wastelands, defies the Church and goes on a mission to save her.

Priest 2011

The depictions of the city were absolutely awesome.  I could almost feel the grime and soot from the crowded factories. In contrast, what was left of the world were dry wastelands and contaminated land. The hives these vampires built from their excretions were awesome and something new!  The real vampires didn’t look human at all, while familiars who did were only half breeds.  The Priests were highly skilled assassins yet staying true to their vows was a very intriguing contradiction. 

With all that this story had going for it, the movie itself was very disappointing and after sitting back and really going over things, this was what killed it:

The length of the movie. 

It was an 87 minute movie that introduced us to a world that we don’t know and characters that we didn’t have enough time to even care about.  So what happens when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time?  Make everything convenient and static.  No room for plot twists, unless you count the fact that the villain was a former Priest. You don’t find out why he went rogue until the end of the movie, about 3 minutes before he dies.  And how about the Priest finding out what he was up to?  Sooo convenient!  Nothing to keep us guessing because it seemed he knew everything and all of his plans worked to the T.  Besides that, I expected a lot more action scenes!  I was only given about three of them and the best one, wasn’t even with the main character!  It was with the female Priest!  She had the best kill scene of the entire movie!

Priest 2011

It pains me when a movie that has such a great story to work with mistreats it.  Other movies that fall in that category include District 9 and The Hulk, though the Hulk redeemed itself with The Incredible Hulk.  I think Priest can redeem itself too with a complete reboot where the director takes the time to develop the story like it should instead of rushing it along!

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  • Rebekah

    May 20, 2011 at 10:02 am

    Thanks for the review! I love Paul Bettany, so I will definitely be seeing this movie at some point, but probably not until it comes out on DVD. The things that work against it being a great movie will probably not phase me. Short movie? Cool. Only a few action scenes? Perfect. No twists? I’m the most gullible movie watcher anyway! It is too bad about the lack of character development, though.

  • M. McGriff

    May 20, 2011 at 11:28 am

    @Rebekah – Thank you!

    I mean I could almost forgive the shortness of it and the lack of twists, but I wanted to learn so much about the characters because just from the story, there had to be soo much depth to them. I mean could you imagine a Priest who abides by the same oaths as the Catholic Priests we know being trained to kill vampires?? The internal conflict has to be a killer!

    Maybe if I did watch it on DVD I wouldn’t be too critical of it! Movies cost alot these days!