One of the biggest SCAMs on the internet is the promise of online love, only to be met by real world cons and hurt. In the security field, I warn about this stuff ALL the time, but it falls upon deaf ears as those listening only care when they have been taken advantage of. When one enters the online world, the rules are much different than the ‘outside’ world.


An online entity learns that they have the ability to escape accountability and responsibility for their choices and actions; this often leads to a new experience of ‘freedom’ which translates, to some, as a type of power. Even one with the most noble of intents is tested by the allure of this new drug… and, from this, many of them succumb only to wear the mask of someone they ‘wish’ to be as opposed to someone they are. Embedded truth can be found within each choice that one makes.

Online ‘Romance’ websites cater to this experience and exploits it as a pimp delivering a service to a potential ‘john’. Last year fraud reported to the federal government topped $800 million. The true number of women raped and killed from online dating is staggering to consider and yet near impossible to verify; many of the missing have yet to be found and many of the abused have yet to speak about it. The main benefactors of these atrocities are the online pimps who charge them every month with the promise of love, relationships, and/or ‘casual’ sex . Their Privacy Policy posted on these type of websites, as well as when a member joins, act as protection for the site owners, as well as the unread warnings as to what a user should expect.

Over 90 percent of all users NEVER read the Privacy Policies.

The Pimp sites charge per month, serving scammers, liars, and thieves for access to an organized buffet table of victims that fit a tailored demographic. The average male has sex with 5 to 9 women he meets online through a website in a year. A (non-prostitute) woman averages 3 to 7 sexual encounters online, excluding those that have become a victim of a heinous act, before she finds a relationship of any substantial time. From these flat statistics it is understood why predators are choosing the online space to find its victims as compared to the ‘old’ methods in the ‘outside world’.

Well Known Pimp sites
Christian Mingle
Christion Connection
Ashley Madison

“Pimp” website statistics – 2014
Women made up the vast majority of online romance cons (victims) in 2014.

There are major issues with all of these ‘type’ of sites in the Security community. The companies feeding off of the profits pump so much money into branding and marketing until the average user can’t help but to be blinded by the gold plated lies, only to discover the rusty cheap metal beneath the skin.

Much of their forward face is made up of lies. They hire actors and models to represent the common masses, as they rake in the revenue from the pockets of true ignorance.

I have no problem with a company making money, but I do have issues when they position themselves to reap profits from victims afraid to speak and the missing nowhere to be found. Business is business, but this pushes the ethical boundaries of accountability. At least offer some help to those taken advantage of. Follow-up on the masses of complaints received from members that have been scammed, robbed, and/or hurt by other members on the website.

…but, once again, I must put myself in check…

They are NOT forcing people to login.

Business IS business.

And now in the news… ASHLEY MADISON has been hacked! This is a website for married people seeking to ‘quietly’ cheat on their spouses in a secured online environment. The hacker(s) is/are threatening to expose the names they’ve acquired from the hacked accounts. Everyone is on pins and needles over all of this.

Come to find out, Ashley Madison made their account members pay to delete their data, if they ever wanted to end their membership. Talk about pimps and blackmail… this takes the cake.

Smile, people! This is a wonderful new age we live in.