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Those were my exact words when I caught wind of the trailer.  It’s like making a Sixth Sense Part 2 movie. There’s no way you can recreate the magic that made the original so successful.  What made that one so scary was the fact that it took a Blair Witch Project Concept to a whole other level with a Wal-Mart type of budget. We really didn’t know if it was real or not, there wasn’t an explanation to what was happening, we couldn’t see the ghost/demon/whatever that causing all that scariness on camera, and when we did figure things out  it was too late. 

Paranormal Activity 2 just became way too predictable and the magic was lost.  We already knew this wasn’t a real incident, something bad always happens on camera in the middle of the night, and they all were going to die for the most part.   And with special effects money at their fingertips, it made it way too commercial, losing that amatuer edget that made the first one so awesome. I was even a little confused to what angle they were taking it until about 20 minutes in I realized, “Oh this is the prequel to the first.”  Now we’re taking the story way, way, way back to when they were kids?


We were fine leaving the franchise at the first one.  So what, is this demon going to be even extra bad ass than it was in the first one – oh no wait it can’t because it supposed to get worse as it gets older..right?  Oh I don’t even know.  I guess this latest installment is supposed to clear things up and let us know the origin of this demon.  For it’s sake, I hope it does!

I don’t know guys, what do you think?

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