imageAs writers we face different challenges every single day. I can think of several things off the top of my head that may keep one from being able to write a word.  In my world some huge challenges include having the time to write, chasing a one year old, being so tired I can’t keep my eyes open, writer’s block, not enough coffee, and simply finding new ideas to write about. The last one I mentioned is the reason for my blog today.

This afternoon I was driving home. I just finished my grocery shopping expedition, because with a toddler it is always an epic adventure, and my son was finally taking a much-needed nap strapped into his car seat. I was considering what in the world I would write about, and frankly, I couldn’t think of a thing. I had nothing in my brain that sounded remotely interesting. Then it hit me, the lack of having ideas is something writers go through every single day. Why not write about not having anything to write about? That in itself is a subject all too familiar to many of us trying to make writing a career and not just a hobby.

When I am in need of inspiration I utilize my surroundings first. Did I mention I have a toddler? I watch him a lot and look to him for humor and inspiration. If you follow my blog, you will notice I talk about him A LOT. He is a funny tiny human. I love watching him because he is a problem solving machine. Mommy put the T.V. controller up too high, climb up the couch to get it, or grab the blanket it is sitting on so it will fall on the floor, or cry loudly. Manipulation is a tactic he is very good at. It also helps him immensely that he is cute and Mommy is a sucker for his little face. For those who don’t have children, watch your pet for an hour or so, or go outside for a walk and let nature inspire you. If nothing else, the fresh air will help revitalize your senses.

Sometimes I use the internet and research topics that may be of interest.  I use Pinterest a lot for inspiration. There is some great art and images on that site that can help get the creative juices flowing.  You can use any site that you think may be of help. I just use that particular one because it is easy to find what I am looking for.

Read everything! Newspapers, magazines, poems, books,blogs, catalogs, game manuals, stereo instructions, whatever you can get your hands on. Reading could give you new ideas for characters, plot twists, and world building.

You never know what you’ll see that will change your life……well at least change your writing.

Hope this helps.