When I started writing my book, the idea came flooding in and in my first few sittings I had written 56 pages. It was fantastic and my mind reeled from the idea of bringing these characters that I love to life. There was a small problem though. When I let someone read those chapters, and they started asking me a million questions. Questions that hadn’t seemed so important when I was writing. After all, this is my first novel. I mean, I had written short stories and no one questions those, so why would they question my book? But they did, and with those questions came some surprising answers. Answers that led me to realize I needed to tell the story before the story I was trying to tell. If I didn’t do that then this fantastic story would not make a bit of sense unless I spent the whole time having the characters explain stuff or a lot of narrative in odd places.

So I went back in and started scrutinizing the chapters and paragraphs. What I discovered broke my little heart. My beloved characters weren’t as important as I had made them out to be…not yet anyways. The conclusion I came to tore the rest of my heart out. My beloved characters weren’t even around yet when the important stuff took place. They weren’t going to be important until at least the second book. 🙁 NOOOOOO…

This is when writer’s block set in. Not because I didn’t know what to write, but because I didn’t want to write what I knew I had to write. I didn’t want to write without them. I felt like I was betraying a best friend. I felt like they were standing in a burning building and I turned away as the flames engulfed them. Dramatic I know, but if you have characters you love, then you understand.

Stay tuned for more on my writing journey and what I’ve learned that can make your writing journey a little easier!

In the meantime, I want to hear from you!  How has your writing journey been so far?  What tough truths did you learn?


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