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This is one of those, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” moments… please be patient with me!!

Went to the midnight showing and EVERY theatre was FULL!!! I saw freaks, weaks, meeks, and treats… and I felt happy!! There was a guy dressed as Thor, a trillion Captain Americas, Tony Stark Loyalists, and a few funky whinos that smelled like the Hulk!! Life doesn’t get any better!!

Ok – okay, down to business…

This is what I scored Avengers based on the scale of 1 to 10:

Concept: 9 – Aliens attack Earth (New York to be exact – What is it about New York?!?), heroes team-up, massive battle, mankind saved… THE END! while this is NOT a new concept, the complexity of merging mortals, Gods, Aliens, and superhumans into ONE story that flowed somewhat natural made this concept something that is unique unto itself.

Worldbuilding: 10 – This was another DIFFICULT arena to play in, because of the components introduced in the concept. We are talking the merging of real-world physics and science with alien technology, magic, and superhuman abilities. We believed that the ABSOLUTE human mortal with the bow (Hawkeye) could make those impossible shots consistently and the beautiful female assassin fighting in tights could take on alien warriors in armor by flipping, kicking, and jumping around.

Not to mention, she didn’t even mess up her make up!

I don’t care WHAT anyone thinks… ALL OF IT WAS POSSIBLE!!!

The flying battleship, un-depletable energy sources (I guess BP was too late to the party!), and the long-haired Asgardian ‘girl’ with the hammer are just a few more things that were made BELIEVABLE by this wonderous gift bestowed upon us mere nerds!! The worldbuilding was impeccable!

StoryTelling: 10 – This is TRULY where the movie shined its brightest! The storytelling could have went bad REALLY quick with this many great actors… and characters! Each and everyone of them can carry a story alone, but they were all tempered, wrapped, and delivered to us with enough depth to understand them and enough width to cheer them.

Tony Stark was CRAZY good in here!! This guy was the stubborn glue to this mix that refused to dry!! Mark Ruffalo made a GREAT Bruce Banner (I was afraid that he had some big shoes to fill after edward Norton). Cap stepped up as the focused leader that he should be. Thor was a GOD!!! Hulk SMASHED! Black Widows outsmarted an evil GOD, Hawkeye took down an entire battleship with an arrow, and Samuel L. Jackson cussed at the end!!! (We love you, Sam!!!)

The classic distraction of LOVE and romance was kept at bay making this a TOTAL masterpiece!!

Normally movies would force all of that ‘gushy’ stuff into the story for ratings and to attract female moviewatchers, but this time they said SCREW IT and gave us the love of BATTLE!!

The closest love you’ll find in this movie is the love felt from Thor fighting the Hulk or Iron Man getting his butt handed to him by trying to take on Thor!

Presentation: 50!!! – The only thing that I can say here is… WOW!!

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