Lately I’ve been very busy. With working weekends performing my children’s show, traveling, promoting my books, taking care of a one-year-old, and trying to maintain some semblance of cleanliness in my house, it’s difficult to find the time to write something brilliant.

So today my sleep deprived exhausted brain is trying to come up with different ways that one can find more time to write. I’ve heard excuses from others who constantly lament about not having the time to focus on their writing, other hobbies, or projects they may want to finish. I can relate to that more than anybody else I know.

Most of my friends have kids that are Already grown enough where they don’t have to watch them all the time and there’s no fear of them sticking their little fingers into light sockets or eating cat food off of the floor when you’re back is turned, or choking because they decided to stick a crayon down their throat or up their nose.
As we speak I’m watching my little son eat cut up apple pieces as he sticks his leg out of his highchair, giggles at me throws pieces of apple on the floor and poops his pants. He has a pretty busy day only to be interrupted by naps which are usually missed.

Not only do I have to think about the aforementioned worries, but also I have to prevent him from grabbing and smacking the keys of my computer when I’m trying to write, eating his books while he’s in his playpen, and chasing the cats. Did I mention he loves to roll over my feet with his trucks? He’s now walking and crawling everywhere quickly. So yeah there’s that.

Yet here I am typing away. Granted I’ve given up showering, changing out of my pajamas, and doing the dishes for the day. My floor is covered in God knows what, and there’s a pile of laundry as tall as me hanging out with the dust bunnies in the laundry room.

So how do I find time to write? Honestly I don’t find it, I make it. If I searched for time, it would always elude me between feedings, play times, and poopie diapers. I do, however, have a few tricks to share that makes writing with a one year old on the loose a little easier.

My first trick is to get up early in the morning before everyone wakes up. My mind feels just a little more alert and there are no demands on me to do anything but make coffee. The ideal morning doesn’t always happen, but when it does it’s magic.

I use modern technology. Dictation software is an amazing thing when my hands are busy or I can’t get to my computer. Did I mention poopie diapers? Most smart phones have this software already downloaded and there are several programs to choose from for personal computers. I use this technology more often than not lately. Sometimes the speaker doesn’t translate words correctly, much like the infamous auto-correct. Therefore, everything must be proof read and checked before I submit it, but I love the convenience it affords.

If I don’t get time in the morning or during the day, then I use the evening hours when the boy is down for the night. Much like my mornings, writing doesn’t always happen, but It’s all about making the conscious effort especially if I’ve written nothing by the end of the day.

These are a few simple tricks that will make a huge difference if you make yourself some time.

Hope this helps.