Insidious the Movie

One of my wedding anniversary festivities was taking a trip to the movies to see Insidious. My expectations weren’t high because to me it’s a rarity to see a really scary movie these days. Nothing compares to movies like these anymore because technology has a tendency to take over the human imagination (and a storyline!) So my husband and I get comfy and we are greeted by a pretty cheesy opening credit with the name of the movie sprawled across the screen. All I needed was the soundtrack from Pyscho and it would have been corny and complete. I was afraid – that we just wasted our $20!


The gist of the movie is this: A family of five move into this really big house with the all familiar scary movie attic. You have the husband who is a teacher, a wife is rediscovering her music career, and three kids – two boys and a baby girl (who cries waaay too much in the beginning of the movie!) You have the usual paranormal happenings – strange noises from the attic and misplaced items. Then one of their sons falls into an explicable coma and that’s when things really start hitting the fan! Even after moving into a different house, the craziness only gets worse and the family realizes (with the help of a really smart paranormal lady) that their son is the one who is haunted. He’s not in a coma but his spirit is trapped in a dark realm called The Further and there are some other really scary spirits trying to possess him.

I tell you, this movie did a great job with using suspense and having scenes that really make you jump out of your skin! It’s typical to have creepy things in the attic, ghostly faces in the mirror, etc. But you did have ghosts coming out of nowhere with no type of warning (no typical camera zoom, no creepy warning music, nothing!) Besides the cheesy intro and the twist at the end that was had a few plot holes, I enjoyed this movie. If you make me want to go home and sleep with every single light on – you have succeeded! There were three things specifically that took place in the movie that is common and that is what scared the bejeezus outta me!

Ghosts appearing in the daytime, most notably the creepy kid from the 18th century who not only puts his own record on but then starts dancing in the living room while the wife is taking out the trash. You already know how I feel about creepy kids, and to have mess like this happening in the middle of the day which is the time I need to recuperate from all the scary ish from the night before – I’m DONE! LOL!

The head demon was completely bad ass! He was appearing in other people’s dreams, in the paranormal ladies drawings, and suddenly behind the husband who is the biggest skeptic . That blood red face, yellow eyes, and creepy crawly hands were awesome and he didn’t care about what time of day it was either.

Baby Monitors. You read right. The wife was hearing strange voices in the baby’s room (along with serious banging and clanging) over the baby monitor. I have vowed to never own one of those things – like never!

Have you checked out this movie? Let me know what you thought!

If you haven’t, here’s a trailer for yah!

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  • Rebekah

    June 1, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    I’m already creeped out by our baby monitor, so I will definitely not see this movie!! Eek!

    • M. McGriff

      June 1, 2011 at 3:50 pm

      @Rebekah – I’m sooo glad I’m not the only one who is freaked out by baby monitors!