“Not all marketing people are writers, but all writers must learn to be marketers.” ~Joanne Kraft

As a writer, marketing may not be your cup of tea, but it is an essential skill to learn. This is especially the case when you self-publish. If you don’t believe in your work and promote it, who will?

“Marketing” can be seen as a dirty word, but it does not have to be! When you have written content that entertains, or teaches something, it has value and deserves to be shared.

Here are some things you can do to jump the self-promotion stigma and just do it…

1) Start with Excellent Content.
We have already touched on this one a bit, but if your work stinks, no amount of promotion is going to make it successful. An appealing book that gives value to your readers will be shared and passed on. You may be lucky enough to make a few quick bucks on poorly written material, but it won’t last long. Go for long-term gain!

2) Figure Out Your Target Audience.
Once you have your content tweaked for quality, decide who your target audience is and where they are. Do they hang out in forums, on “work from home” blogs, or Facebook? Once you know who your audience is and what online resources they are active with, meet them where they are. Start a fan page for your works on Facebook. Show pictures of readers reading your book on Instagram, and share your writing process in-group forums. Get active with social media and engage!

3) Brand Yourself
Be consistent when promoting your books through social media channels, press releases, videos, and whatever else you choose. Brand yourself as a professional with a consistent voice and style. You want readers to recognize you through all your marketing and promotion.

Write great content, hone in on your target, and brand yourself. Happy promoting!