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Yes, I know you’re looking at me like I have two heads, especially if you’re in the draft stages or even the final stages of writing your first literary masterpiece.  I know that just being able to finish the blasted thing was work enough and making it perfect is like a full time job.  If you’re really on the ball, you’re building your social platform and actively marketing your work around.  Trust me, I feel you on all of these things, especially as an indie author striking it out on her own.  Between editing and marketing, the last thing I want to think about is a second story.

But it’s very important to do so!

Unless you’re Stephen King or JK Rowling, the chances of making it big on the very first book are very slim.  Through my many hours of research and podcast listening, I’ve learned that you really don’t make serious money until your third book.  You can compare it to stocking up your writer’s book shelf.  Having more than one story in your back pocket shows:

You’re consistent:  You didn’t just write the first book and quit.  As a matter of fact, you were so serious about being a novelist, you dove straight into the whole love/hate relationship with writing again to make that second, third, and fourth book.

You’re keeping your creative momentum going:  I found this to be true while editing my book.  I’m really excited about the new stories I want to write, not only in the Epsilon series but outside of it as well.  That excitement makes the editing process not so grueling and keeps me on task so I can finish on time and get to write those stories!

You already have the next project started: While you’re working on your first novel, you can take a break to roughly lay out that second story.  Once the novel done, you already have the framework down for the one, allowing you to jump into it , getting  it done and out on the market.

I currently have three new stories in the development stages that I’ll take some time to write down and keep in a safe place. 

I definitely don’t claim to be an expert as I’m just getting myself situated in the writing game.  So what are your thoughts on keeping 2nd (and 3rd) stories in the back of your mind while still working on your first one?