If you were one of the Game of Thrones fans hoping that the Finale of would top the ‘Red Wedding’, I’m sure you were as disappointed as some of the other viewers.




“WTF was that.”

“What a waste.”


Many believe that the entire season was unsatisfying, some the entire series. As someone who have read the books and saw what was coming, I still felt some hope that as a TV show they would get to the point faster than the books by compensating for the information dump and drawn out dialog, which is only necessary if you are making a role-playing campaign from the series.  Yes, fantasy series are known for their length, but that should be reserved for reading and movies. A series where you have to wait a week for the next big thing is disappointing, when the next big thing doesn’t come. There are moments in the series, when spoken in dialog by the actors jumped out so much more than when it was read in the book. The actors also bring more personality to the characters and because the world is as time-consuming to read about in the book as the characters are, the show seems to handle showing and not telling very well.

Many tried to get into fantasy with Game of Thrones as they did with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but when the elements of fantasy kick in, they lose interest. Many fantasy fans don’t care. They are fine with non-fantasy fans not understanding why dragons exist and why Ents talk. As an overall genre, fantasy enthusiasts are considered nerds, and don’t seem to care about the stereotype. That said, these novels are not made for the average reader. They are made for serious fantasy readers who will finish off a six-hundred page novel and have another waiting. A thousand pages are nothing. New readers who would like to explore the fantasy genre after getting a taste from Game of Thrones are thwarted when they pick up the books. But, even if you don’t like fantasy, the show is great for non-fantasy fans.

Another central issue that should have been addressed is the many, many, many, many characters in the story. Almost all the male actors have similar features. Especially the older actors. They switched from one scene cleaning up blood, to another reading a letter about his son and I thought it was the same man. There are so many sub plots going on at once that they can only show about 5-minutes of each per show or every other show. It is tedious to adapt into an hour-long show and should have been two hours instead maybe it would have solved some of the problems of having to constantly play catch-up.

Even on HBO’s website fans posted comments of disappointment.

“The season finale was representative of this whole season: disappointing and uneventful,” wrote Daniel. “With an overwhelming amount of storylines each only getting about 5 minutes of airtime per episode I feel as though I’m watching nothing but teasers that NEVER reach their conclusion.”

“This was by far the biggest disappointing episode I have (seen) to date. Not a way to end a season!” wrote a fan who goes by Sarconus Soulreaver.

“That was so DISAPPOINTING,” agreed Sarah T. “The finale could have been so freaking amazing just following the cleverness of the book! I mean, of course you have to change things from book to film but hey, who cares about all of this Dany’s thing? …This show is beginning to look like the others, it forgets the beauty of the story to focus on pretty girls and easy feelings.”

“Boooo! Terrible finale! Should have watched something else!” wrote J. Zazulak.


For me, there was so little action this episode that Aria stabbing a man in the neck was the highlight of the show, right next to the ‘pork sausage’ comment.

Even them parading around Robb Stark’s decapitated body with his faithful wolf’s head stitched to it, was too dark and quick to enjoy. My disappointment towards Robb Stark was justified when he insulted Lord Frey and broke his oath to marry one of his daughters, and then forced Roose Bolton to bear his burden, not a kingly thing to do. As well as allow his mother’s act of letting Jamie Lannister free. His dead father taught him better.

I also want to mention my dismay at the mention of ‘white walker’, ‘white walkers’, ‘beyond the wall’, ‘I’ve seen them’, blah, blah, blah….I’ve seen them too, and now I’m not even sure I did see them because I’ve yet to see them again. So much effort in the detail to only show it a few seconds and then I have to resort to looking at images online. They can be killed by Dragonglass…something that Sam found in season 2 and in my opinion was downplayed and not explain very well, for a one-hour TV series. When Sam stabs the white walker I don’t even remember that he has the Dragonglass until he explains to Bran how he killed the ‘only-one-out-of-hundreds-shown-previously’.

This season ended as the others did, with Daenerys Targaryen, being praised as savior and her dragon flying overhead in epic fashion after a non-combat-but-I have-the-most-epic-unsullied-that-will-cut-off-a-nipple-without-screaming-army-but-never-show-a-fight-ever.

Hopefully the next season will deliver, but knowing the outcome based on the book, it will be a slow going pace as usual and as I call it ‘a Fantasy Soap Opera’. Where people can die and come back a few shows later. But overall because this is an epic, and expansive story with many plots, things will seem very insignificant now only to show up later and be critical.


In a nutshell;

Joffrey is sent to bed without supper, Bran tries to scare his traveling party and Sam helps out, the Redhead saves her once-illiterate naysayer, Tyrion ‘seas’ his horrible fathers devotion to him, Robb get a new head, Arya talks too much sh!t – again (one day she won’t have backup), Cersei creeps me out – again, Daenerys waits outside another city while her men don’t fight – again, Jon Snow fall for the ole ‘you love me you won’t hurt me’ – again, Sansa is herself – always, Jamie just needs to be with Brienne – perfect pair.