Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more emotionally invested in this story, let alone the show, I literally was yelling at the screen, venting on Twitter, and calling my Game of Thrones friends to yell and vent some more. If you saw it, you will totally feel me right now!


To get the start of the show out of the way, we get to see the grumpy old Walder Frey, his gazillion kids and depressed young wife (poor girl) at his castle. Catelyn, Robb, and the rest of bannerman need to cross the huge river called the Trident, of which Frey controls. Nobody trusts him and instead of sending Robb in to negotiate, Catelyn goes in. After the grumpster goes on about how the Tully’s never respect him, yadda yadda he finally agrees to open his gates, on a few conditions. In return for letting them through, the starks have to take on a son as a squire, betroth another one to Arya and give Robb a choice between one of his daughters for a wife. Things you gotta do to get the job done I guess!

Back at the wall, Jon Snow is given Mormont’s family sword and while the Night Watch veteran is explaining the origins of the sword, we realize that Jorah is his son. How interesting! Afterwards, Jon is getting his props for taking out the wildling and while he’s in the mess hall showing off that awesome sword, Sam breaks down and tells him about a message he read from a Raven that came in that morning about Rob marching off to war. Later on, the old Maester calls on Jon and starts talking to him about the reasons why the men of the Black vow not to take wives and have families. He speaks truth about making a choice between his duty to the Nights Watch or one’s family, already aware that Jon is going through this same dilemma. Jon feels like he old man doesn’t understand but he does all too well – for he reveals that he is a Targarean – talk about a twist!

Boy Danys is getting strong as a Khaleesi! Her man is hurt and his men still don’t take her seriously. But she doesn’t let that get to her and when she reminds them of who she is, giving her orders with great authority – they know what time it is. She has come a long way from the scared girl we saw in the first episode. Khal is hurt really bad, his womb festering beyond repair. She summons the healer that she saved from the village. She tells her that there is nothing she can do except when Danys suggests her using magic. The magic ends up being a form of blood magic – trading one life for another. Thank goodness it’s only the horse and when everyone exits the tent, there sounds like there’s some crazy ish going on in there. Very scary, yet very cool to see more spices of magic sprinkled here and there through the story.

Game of Thrones Episode 9

During a drinking game we learn about the Imp’s back story about him be married to an orphan girl that him and his brother Jaime saved from some rapists. While his brother was off saving the day, he and the girl got really acquainted and lost his virginity to her. He was so enamored with her he asked for her hand in marriage the next day. Jaime confesses that the whole thing was staged, just so he can get laid. And to add insult to injury, his father made him watch as she slept with their guards. That was too foul, making me empathize with the Imp even more.

The battle is on, the Imps wild men sent to the front line to fight the 2,000 Stark men marching within a mile of their camp. They were slaughtered but unbeknownst to them, Robb was heading up a bigger army that overtook Jaime’s troops, taking him hostage. It was a great win strategically but Robb makes it clear that the war isn’t won yet.

Welcome to tonight's epic Game of Thrones, where a daddy's girl Arya's (Maisie Williams) heart is shattered, and we lose the most reasonable and resolute player of the adult men of the Westeros.

We finally see my girl Arya, who has been clearly roughing it out in the streets. While trying to get something to eat, she hears that her father is being taking to the Baelor. She climbs up high enough and they catch eyes as the crowd calls him a traitor. As he is escorted up there, he addresses the crowd and confessing to being a traitor and claiming that King Joffrey is the one true heir. He goes further to say he plotted against the King to take the throne for himself. Everything seems to be going as planned, especially when he says that his mother suggested Ned be stripped of title and sent to serve on the Wall forever in exile. Sansa is up there happy, Arya is watching in the distance, and it seems to be going great.

Then that little piece of **** Joffrey has Ned’s head chopped off!!! OMG!! Literally my heart hurts and I was just soo mad I didn’t know what to do with myself! It was clear by the reactions that even Cersei didn’t anticipate this and I hope she realizes just what type of monster she put on the throne! Sansa learned a real tough lesson in reality and my poor Arya is going to be out for revenge once she gets over her broken heart.

What did you guys think of this episode? Were you just as crushed as I was?

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