Prince Joffrey Lannister

This episode really should be renamed “When the bleep hits the fan” because boy things are starting to get really sticky!  It has come to the point where people have to start choosing sides and can no longer ride the fence for the sake of peace.  It’s time to put your money (or your army) where your mouth is and then we can see what these characters are made of!  We also get a heads up on some really hefty game changers that are literally coming from both directions!


As we all predicted, Cersei is wasting no time getting rid of anything that remotely smells of Winterfell in her castle.  The King’s Guards swoop through the keep killing all of all Ned’s people, who were gearing up to leave for Winterfell.  You could hear the sounds of swords clanging and people screaming to their deaths all over the halls, which I can only imagine how terrifying that might have been.  We get to see how well Arya’s “dancing” teacher can “dance”, when the Lannister men come for her.  How awesome was it when he took down like three men with a wooden sword?!  He was just as smooth and suave as his flowery sayings and after seeing that, I wish he had some more time to shine!  My girl Arya also gets her first taste of semi sword fight when she reaches the stables to find all of her people dead and a stable boy who wants to turn her in.  She definitely stuck him with the pointy end! LOL.  She runs off and we don’t see anything about her for the rest of episode.  I don’t even know quite yet what happens to her because I’m not that far into my reading to find out!

Arya Game of Thrones Episode 8

Meanwhile, Ned is of course locked up in the dungeons feeling sorry for himself.  I’m sorry, I was all for Ned at the beginning of the show (and book) but how he handled finding out about bed sharing twins was absolutely awful!  He made a place for himself in that cell and because he doesn’t know how to the play the game, all he can do is sit there and be honorable.  Even the eunuch told him what he did was a dumb move!   I don’t know what happens to Ned in the book yet either but I predict things won’t end too well with him and it’s such a shame.  He is a really stand up guy and makes a wonderful leader but he has to learn how to play with the not-so-honorable in order to get ahead.  Sigh.  Such is life.    

And speaking of playing hard ball, we see Cersei stretching that manipulative muscle once again and this time with Sansa.  I can’t lie, I see this naïve, love struck little girl as the perfect pawn too and I can’t blame the Queen for using use her.  Sansa is so blind it makes her borderline dumb, which I can’t understand because her mother is such a strong woman.  Anyway, in order to prove her loyalty to the spoiled brat Joffery and still keep their betrothal intact, she writes to her brother Robb about her father being charged with treason and to keep the peace.  She goes on further to plead for mercy for her father at the foot of the Iron Throne.  She knows her father didn’t do it but her pending marriage seems to be more important, especially when she says that she knows her father has to be punished and she is sure her daddy will fess up in exchange for mercy.  When Arya hears about this, I’m sure she will be ready to have her sister’s head on a platter. Yep, the Queen picked the right one!

Now, what I didn’t expect to see was Mr. Rob Stark stepping up to the plate.  Up until now, his character was practically forgettable, his buddy Greyjoy having more personality than him.  However, when he learns that his father has been charged with treason and he has been summoned to King’s Landing, he lets us just how he is going to bring it!  He calls all the banners and soon he has set up an army to face the Lannisters who have already been wrecking shop in Westeros.  He has truly grown into his new role as the Lord of Winterfell and we can already see he has adopted his father’s calm, yet authoritative mannerisms.  I just hope he doesn’t get too honorable on us though!

Khal Drogo

Now for the game changers that can completely throw a wrench in everything!

Khal Drogo is playing no games!  His clan is decimating nearby villages in order to get slaves to sell to get some money to buy ships.  It’s normally not the Dothraki way to worry about money, but the King has messed with the moon of his life and he’s letting us know it’s on!  And oh, just to make sure we know just how bad ass he is, he literally rips the throat out one of his men who talked just a little too much smack.  Yeah, Khal is officially one of my favorites!

Jon Snow discovers that the White Walkers are real when they discover the bodies of two of their fallen guards beyond the Wall.  Did the white walkers get to them?  They sure did because they became one, awakening at night and trying to kill the commander in his chambers.  Jon comes to his rescue and while they are burning the bodies – which is the only way to kill them – Sam proves his usefulness by telling us about all about the White Walkers.  They indeed sleep during the day, only to awaken at night with piercing blue eyes.

Like I said, the bleep has hit the fan!

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  • The Muse

    June 6, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    I cant wait for your reaction as all of these ends get tied up! I guarantee that a lot of people are not going to see what is coming….this is going to be an awesome book series…I wonder if they will pick up the tv series for the second book too?


    • M. McGriff

      June 6, 2011 at 4:43 pm

      @The Muse – If that’s the case then I’m gonna love the ending because I like twists I don’t see coming!

      After the first episode premiered, HBO signed on for a second season to cover the second book already!! Gonna be exciting!!