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OMG, you don’t understand how hard it was to hold my thoughts on this episode for an entire week!  I was one of those people who hopped on HBO Go to watch this one a whole week early which was a real treat because I wasn’t quite caught up on my reading yet.  Then after having my mind blown, I spent my time on the beach yesterday reading my book to catch up, and then last night watching it again. (Am I a complete Game of Thrones groupie? Why yes I am!)  Viserys dying with his Golden Crown is just the tip of the iceberg.


We meet Tywin aka Big Daddy Lannister, schooling his son on what it means to bear the name and why they need to get my Imp back (mind you while he is gutting and cutting down a deer).  It isn’t because his father particularly cares for Tyrion but rather to protect the family name – because no one takes their own and gets away with it.

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“A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of his sheep”

Now we get to the good part, when Eddard Stark finally confronts Cersei about what he’s found out – that all of her children are Jaime’s and Bran saw them together.  The Queen doesn’t flinch, reminding him that the Targareyns have been inter-marrying for hundreds of years.  And besides, they shared a womb – (ugh my skin crawls!).  She then gets into the story about her wedding night with Robert and how he called her Lyanna.  Ned gives her a warning to leave because he will tell Robert when he returns from his hunt.  Now normally I love Ned but I just can’t understand how he can remain so freakin calm!  The woman just admitted that not only did he kill the man that was like a father to you but pushed your son out a window all so she can continue getting it on with her brother and that all the little brats are theirs and not his best friend Robert’s.  And the fact that she remained so calm when she was found out, you have to know she has something else up her sleeve.  (If you read the book, Ned does get a bit feistier in this scene).

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.  There is no middle ground.”

We get another reference to the White Walkers, when Osha says that there aren’t dead, that they have just been sleeping.  Well they aren’t sleeping anymore!  (Please refer to episode 1 J )

Now this part I didn’t see coming.  When the King returns from his hunt he is mortally injured when he tried to take down a wild boar.  A wild boar?? Really??  This is why we don’t drink and hunt kids! LOL.  Anyway, on his deathbed he names Ned the Protector of the Realm when he dies until Joffrey is of age.  Um, can I just say that this would have been the perfect time for Ned to spill the beans???  I’m telling you his honor is great and all but dude, if that was my best friend and they were dying, I want them to leave this earth knowing the truth and then they can write that truth down on paper before they go.  Keep all the bases covered.  But no, Ned just writes in “when the heir is of age” on the dying proclamation instead.  I just wanted to go through that screen and shake him!

I guess he didn’t need me for that, because him not taking that opportunity has completely bitten him in the butt.  Despite Neds effort to get word to Stannis, Robert’s brother and officially the heir to the throne and get Littlefinger to get the two thousand of the King’s Guard to back him just in case go south, it’s all for naught.  Ned is summoned to throne room to find Joffrey already seated and Cersei right there by his side.  She has already declared her son of age and the King and he’s already acting like a spoiled brat.  Ned hands her the Kings dying proclamation, naming him the Protector of the Realm.  She tears up the paper in his face and Ned thinks he has her by the cajones when he states that Joffrey isn’t the heir, Stannis is.  He is charged with treason, the few men he had are killed, and the men he thought he had were nonexistent, even the conniving Littlefinger, who stayed true to form who holds a knife to his throat.  I’m telling you, in Kings Landing, truth and honor get you nowhere Ned!

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Yay, we get to my girl Danys and her Khal, who I have to admit is starting to grow on me.  I guess it’s because we get to see the softer side of him and how much nicer he treats his wife.  (I mean is it wrong to have my husband call me the moon of his life?).  After her brother died, I was wondering if she was going to continue with the plan to invade the Seven Kingdoms and try to take the throne.  That is answered when she is talking to her hubby about the Iron Throne, of which he quickly and nicely tells her it has no interest for him.  She discusses it further with Jorah, who reveals even more sneakiness when he secretly receives a pardon and can go back home to Westeros.  It had me thinking if he was part of the plan to kill Dany in the first place.  That thought goes out the window when he thwarts the assassination in the form of a wine maker trying to sell her a keg of his “special wine” to her in the market place.  I mean that was very kind of him to do and unexpected, considering he already has his pardon but he’s still a sneaky one to me and I don’t trust him.  He must have another agenda.  I just can’t pinpoint it just yet.  When my boy Khal finds out that the King has tried to kill the moon of his life, he vows to give the gift of the Iron Throne to his unborn son. 
A man that will travel to ends of the Earth to honor his woman and his son?  Yes please!

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In other news, Jon and Sam take their vows as men of the Nights Watch in front of the godswood outside the Wall.  Though Jon was named a Ranger, Sam shows him the brighter side of his assignment as a steward.  They’re hugs of congratulations are cut short, when Ghost, Jon’s direwolf, comes back with a dead hand in his mouth.   One little complaint I have about this show is that the direwolves are not getting as much play as they do in the book.  They are totally badass and the rest of the audience who haven’t read the book should see that!

Hope you all had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!