Game of Thrones Episode 5

The show opens up with the second day of the tournament. We get a brief insight to Ned and King Robert’s relationship.  It’s good to see that even though Robert is King they can still act like friends. Then we have Lord Pretty boy, I mean of the Flowers, going up against the Mountain.  We see the big bully is a sore loser, evidenced by chopping the head off of his own horse. Who the hell does that??!  I literally had my hand over my mouth because I did not see that coming (I’ve been falling behind in my reading so I’m literally clueless as to what happens!)  Then  it ends with The Hound being a hero, saving Pretty Boy’s life from his brother, who was probably looking to have his head too.

Game of Thrones The Mountain

Next bit of action is the ambush on the road while Catelyn is taking Tyrion to The Vale where her sister is.  Tyrion holds his own with the shield, bashing that man’s face in!  But that doesn’t stop her from bringing him to justice to answer for her crimes.

Tyrion Game of Thrones

Uh oh, Sir Hugh the dead ex-squire is implicated in the death of Arryn by one of the council man, who tells Ned in confidence.  That same councilman is overheard by my girl Arya down below in the dungeons where the dragon skulls, speaking with Vanerys buddy we saw in the first episode, about the possibility of killing Ned if he finds out the “truth.  What is the “truth”??!! I wanna know already!  The suspense is killing me!

Okay, I’m calming down.  Wait a minute, no I can’t because in the next scene just proved how much I LOVE ARYA!!!  She stood up those guards who wouldn’t let her back into the castle with the sass and attitude I love..  She finally gets to her dad to tell her what she overheard and what better person to tell Ned then the daughter who is always honest and upfront.  There isn’t time to get into the specifics of what she heard because right after that, a guard from Night’s Watch comes with news about Catelyn and how she’s taken the Imp.  He doesn’t have time to deal with it because he’s dragged into a small council meeting where King Robert gives news that Dany’s a pregnant.  The one who gives the news and the same shady Ex-Knight Jorah that I didn’t like from last episode!  Ned doesn’t like him either and he is just as distrusting of him as I was ( I knew he was shady!) King Robert doesn’t care and wants her, the baby and her brother dead (by all means you can kill the brother but not my girl Dany!)  The fear is that the Dothraki will invade and pillage the seven kingdoms,  and Robert would rather kill the few to save the many.  I don’t have to tell you that this doesn’t sit well with Ned at all and to prove it, he gives back his King’s Hand clip and storms out of the meeting.  He is quickly packing his things when Littlefinger comes in and tells him there is somebody else he should talk to concerning the death of Lord Arryn.  If I was Ned, I would’ve kept packing my things, but then there wouldn’t be a show now would it?

Okay can we pause to file these scenes as completely and utterly disturbing: 

  • Was Catelyn’s sister just breast feeding that grown ass little boy?  Then she starts ranting about the Lannisters.  My first impression:  She’s a nut job!
  • The Lord of the Flowers who just made Sansa swoon likes man with bare chests.  And oh, not just any man, but the next heir to the throne. I’m really beyond confused and I’m learning I can’t take anyone at face value.

Now back to the show, which continues with the convo between King and Cersei.  We find out that the Seven Kingdoms aren’t as united as they need to be and he’s afraid they can’t stand up to the Dothraki.  It’s filled with different kingdoms having different agendas.  Then we get into deeper issues between the two and their marriage.  Clearly it’s a marriage of convenience and his heart still belongs to Lianna Stark, who died before he could have her.  Cersei reveals that she did feel something for Robert even after they lost their first son and she asks if there was ever a time he felt anything for her.  He answers with a flat out No.  Talk about having us empathize with Cersei!  I think I would be a cold, calculating witch too if my husband treated me like that (though that doesn’t excuse her sleeping with Jamie! Ewww!).

Ned Stark Game of Thrones

Another bastard child of Robert’s turns up and it’s clear that Jon Arryn was keeping tabs on all of them.  We still don’t know why.  After Ned comes out after seeing another one of these kids, Jaime comes riding in.  News of his brother’s capture has reached him and Jaime is out for blood.  The episode ends with a sword fight that leaves Ned hurt and all of his men dead.

OMG, it’s getting real folks!

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  • sqt

    May 16, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Ack! I have to catch up on my Game of Thrones!

    • M. McGriff

      May 16, 2011 at 5:11 pm

      Yes you must! It is getting really, really good!! Hopefully my past recaps will help some!

      I’m so glad you found me over here!! 🙂