The episode opens with Bran, chasing after the crow which I know from reading the book carries great significance.  He dreamt about this crow while he was in his coma and it helped to bring him out of it.  After seeing the bird’s third eye, he wakes up to find himself a cripple in bed and unable to walk.  He also doesn’t remember what happens, which is revealed when Tyrion comes to Winterfell to visit him.  I really sympathize with him, especially because he was such a climber and he has to be dying inside.  I’m just waiting for him to remember seeing the twins doing their nasty thing in the tower and expose them.  At least he can get a little justice out of the entire situation.

We go back to The Wall and are introduced to Sam, the Night Watch’s new recruit who is an obvious coward and doesn’t belong there.  Then when we find out that his father basically gave him the ultimatum of either joining the Nights Watch or having him killed to make it look like an accident, my heart officially went soft for him.  I also started to like Jon as well (up until now I didn’t care for him too much either way).  He started sticking up for him, his fellow future men of the black following suit.  We finally see the brotherhood form in that desolate place. 

Can I just say how freakin excited I was when Danys finally told Viserys about himself!!  He comes charging into her tent like a five year throwing a tantrum all because his sister sent her servant for him.  She just wanted to have dinner with him and even had something made for him.  No, he was being a jerk and had the nerve to practically tackle her.  When she grabbed that belt, hit me back, and reminded his butt that she is Khaleesi, the geek girl in me had to cheer!  In a later scene when she is speaking with Jorah, the exiled knight, she realizes that her brother has just been blowing smoke and is just a spoiled brat who wants to be king.  I can tell you that I sure don’t want him on the Iron Throne.  Can you imagine what he will do when he has a hissy fit?!  He is way too immature and insecure, that’s why he treats the people around him like he does.  Now in this story line, one character I’m not too sure about is Jorah.  There’s something about him that just doesn’t sit well with me and I have a feeling he is going to betray someone somewhere in this story.  I’m keeping a side eye on him!

We finally get to see the Hand’s tournament that continues to run the kingdom into further debt and causing social distresses in the city.  Its clear Ned had no idea what mess he was walking into and he is seriously stressed out.  Not only is that troubling him, but he is also digging around into Lord Aryn’s death, so far finding the kings bastard child working as a blacksmith in the city. The tourney was pretty good, getting to see a real brutal side of jousting when the late Aryn’s squire had his neck busted wide open.  We also learn about the story of the Hound and his burns, which is a tragic story of his bully brother the Mountain sticking his face in hot coals because he stole is toy when he was just a little boy.  We also catch of glimpse of just how sinister Cersei is when she almost punks out Ned.  I know he wanted to slap her but his deep sense of honor would never let him do it.

Game of Thrones

The best part (besides my girl Danys!) is the end when Catelyn is discovered in the Inn by Tyrion Lannister.  She goes about the room, calling out the knights and bannersmen who still have loyalty to her father in Riverrun.  And after we realize how much pull she has, she openly accuses the Imp of conspiring to kill her son.  Great place to the end the episode!

What did you think of this Episode?


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