Okay, true confession: I finished the book about a day after the Baelor episode because after my heartbreak over Ned, I not only had to catch up to that part of the book, but I just had to know what happenedI was still super psyched about this episode, as well as little sad because it was coming to an end. Thank goodness have the book the hold me over because Season 2 is rumored to begin filming next month and will not air until Spring 2012! 2012?! What torture! I’m also sad because this is my last official review until next year (Ya’ll I don’t even know what the heck I’m gonna blog about now! LOL)

So let’s take a final look (for now!) at what are characters were up to this episode:


Game of Thrones Fire and Blood

Rob and Catelyn Stark: Word of Ned’s death gets to them at Riverrun and, as expected, they are both devastated. Any chance of peace or a truce even with the Lannisters was gone the moment Ned’s head rolled. Their bannermen have also had it up to here with Kings Landing. Their solution? Name Robb the King of the North, a title he accepts with a slight nod from his mother. It’s amazing how Robb’s character went from being an absolute nobody, to a King in the end. Can’t wait to see how his character grows and matures in the next book/season!

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion and Tywin Lannister: He’s with his father and right hand men when they learn that the Starks have their beloved Jaime. While everyone else wants to run in with swords blazing, Daddy Tywin knows better and so does Tyrion. They admit that keeping Ned alive would have increased their chances of not going into an all out war with the North , but their little bundle of joy nixed that idea and they are a bit screwed. An all out war with the Starks leaves no time to deal with Stannis Baratheon, Robert’s brother who is said to be forming his own army out on this island called Dragonstone. So what to do? Tywin is going to take his peeps to the place called Harrenhall to regroup and Tyrion is being sent to Kings Landing to be the Hand to the King aka the person to keep Joffery from doing even more dumb ish.

Arya Stark

Arya Stark: It took me a minute to realize that the person who grabbed Arya and told her to look away while her father was being executed was Yoren, one of the brother’s of the Nights Watch. If you remember, he was the one that told Ned about his brother Benjen going missing during patrol a couple of episodes back. Anyway, Yoren takes Arya and after chopping off most of her hair proclaims her to be Arry, another orphan boy he found that is going with him to The Wall. It’s the only way to get her safely out of the city and to Winterfell because everybody and their mom will be looking for her.

Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark: Boy is she in an entangled mess! After watching her father die at the hands of the little boy she was infatuated with, she finds out that she is still to marry him and be his little tortured pet. Case in point, he takes her to see the head of her father and her Septa that have been put on spikes for all to see. When she gets a little snippy, that jerk orders his men to slap the mess out of her. Now some people think she is getting exactly what she deserved. I feel sorry for her and it looks like she is going to learn the lesson of life the hard way.

Jon Snow Game of Thrones

Jon Snow: As we all knew he would, he starts saddling up to go off and join Robb to avenge his father’s death. My favorite boy Sam tries to stop him, reminding him that the only thing desertion from the Watch will get him is a beheading. But Jon doesn’t seem to care and leaves. Halfway out there, his friends go out and get him and soon they are able to convince him to come back to the Watch. It’s just in time too, because Mormont is mounting up and getting ready to head out beyond the Wall after reports of a wildlings and whitewalkers getting together to make their way South. His part ends with Jon joining him and the other rangers as they set out into that wilderness. More supernatural happenings?? Yes please!

Daenerys Game of Thrones

Daenerys: Oh boy do things get real in Khal land! Danerys wakes up to find that her child not only died, but came out as a hideous looking thing and she knows this thanks to the witch that was supposed to save Drogo. The witch told her that the price of the magic was a life, insinuating that the horse was just a gimmick. To further drive an emotional knife through her heart, she finds that Drogo is alive but a straight vegetable and most of the khalasar have fled leaving them in that forsaken desert. Well, Danys gets a good cry in before she realizes what she must do. After killing her husband out of mercy, she sets his funeral up the Dothraki way aka burning the body, taking care to get all of his personal belongings ,her dragon eggs, and that witch that conned her will burn with him. No one knows what’s she up to and all they can do is watch as she goes into the fiery blaze. That morning they not only find her alive (and naked) but what three little darlings of her own – baby dragons! It’s going to be some major ***** now!

You can’t tell me there isn’t any better way to end a season!!! What did you think of the finale?

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