In case you really and honestly did not know, the premier of HBO’s Game of Thrones premiered last night.  It was the show I had been waiting for ever since the very first trailer and it was what inspired me to go get the book.  I’m glad I did because it’s proving to be a great guide to getting a better understanding of this complex story.

So was the first show worth all of the hype?? ABSOLUTELY!!  One thing that I really loved is how closely it follows the book!  You really don’t get that too much these days!



The show opens with three riders of the Nightswatch, a group of men who guard The Wall.  That wall is indeed a huge wall that protects the Seven Kingdoms from the evil, lurky things in the frozen lands beyond it.  One of them (of whom I labeled the scaredy cat) discovers a camp of mutilated bodies everywhere, including a young girl who is pinned to a tree.  The scene was kinda gruesome, but I’ve seen bloodier so it wasn’t a major shock factor to me.  Things get interesting when the feared White Walkers appear and as the scaredy cat predicted was out for their lives.  The glowing blue eyes they had was really cool and when they moved they sounded more like creepy, crunchy bugs than humans.  What confused me a little bit though is that the scaredy cat escapes with his life which left me wondering why when they spent no time killing his companions.

It doesn’t matter because his life doesn’t last long when he’s captured and labeled a deserter so either way he loses his head.  Now we’re introduced to Eddard (Ned for short) Stark, the Lord of Winterfell which is northernmost place on the Game of Thrones map.  We meet his family, including his wife Catelyn, his sons including Bran Stark and Jon Snow, and his daughters including Arya, the tomboy who is great with an arrow and is quickly becoming my favorite.  His sons, including young Bran accompany Ned to behead my deserter buddy in the infamous scene that the trailers have been showing for months.  Besides hearing the foreboding phrase, “Winter is coming”, we get more bad omens with the discovery of a dead Direwolf mother and her pups, an animal that hasn’t been seen around Winterfell is a really long time.

That isn’t the end of the sinister happenings.  We jump to what looks like a funeral ritual for John Aarron, and a convo between Queen Ceresi Lannister and her brother Jamie.  Seems like John knew something the Queenie and her brother didn’t want him to know and at this point, we have no clue what it is.  So we jump back to Winterfell, where news that King Robert, a long time friend and war buddy of Ned’s is bringing him and his entire Royal Tribe are on their way.  Ned and Robert haven’t seen each other in 9 years and from what I could gather he’s gotten a whole lot rounder since Ned last saw him.  The Royal entourage includes Ceresi and her brother, Prince Joffrey, and the one they call the Imp, Tyrion (who is a naughty one by the way!!).  The King gets right to the point – he wants Ned to go back with him to Kings Landing to be his right hand man.  Trust me, Ned is not jumping for joy on this one!

Speaking of Joy, we then jump all the way down south to Pentos where we meet Daenerys and her brother Viserys, who have been living in exile since, in his opinion, the throne to the Seven Kingdoms was stolen from them.  I’ll tell you now, I cannot stand Viserys!  He does nothing but bully and pimp out his sister Daenerys.  He also walks around so flippin entitled it’s sickening! In this episode, we see that he arranges to have her married to Khal, the leader of a nomadic horse tribe.  Viserys wants to get the alliance of their strong army so he can go back across the pond to take back the Iron Throne.  We get a glimpse into their very different culture where the wedding ceremony consists of giving gifts, wild sex, and spilling blood all in the same space at the same time. I empathize the most with Daenerys because she spends most of her screen time shaking like a fragile leaf in a tornado, the wedding ending with Khal having rough sex with her.  Now this part I have a slight beef because in the book in the we see a softer side of Khal where is quite gentle with her, but I guess that doesn’t make good TV.

The episode ends with quite of bit of speed.  We find out that Catelyn gets a secret letter from her sister, accusing the Lannisters of killing her husband John Aaron and the King would be in danger.  Then the epside ends with Bran, who is seen climbing around an abandoned tower.  He discovers Ceresi and Jamie having sex there (cue the EWWWWW!!  Um, that’s your sister man?!).  Unfortunately they discover him and it all ends with Jamie shoving the little boy clear out the window.

Talk about a crazy ending!!  Let’s see what Episode 2 brings!!

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