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This is the first Chapter of  a Collaborative story that is in the works  in the Visual Adjectives forum.

The story : Forever Rain: The Story of Rayne  was started by Forum member Blackmage. It is written from the viewpoint of an 11 year old girl in this first episode.

My first entry:

It’s been a month since the lightning storms and equally as long since we’ve seen another person. Fatboy has been quiet since yesterday – I think he’s mad at me. I don’t know what I did, but I can tell when he’s angry… He pokes his lip out and trips on stuff when he walks through the puddles.

I was the first one awake this morning in the Food Mart. Normally I fall off the shelves when we sleep on top of them, but this morning I woke up from my wet-bag-of-charcoal pillow and I was still on the shelf with Fatboy. He didn’t say anything, but I know he noticed. Ha!!!

We started out early because he said that the storm was going to pick up later. He showed me the black clouds in the distance they were bordering the gray ones blowing the rain against the store windows. They looked like demons crawling across the sky. The thunder was their roar.

I still didn’t see anyone else outside. It’s so spooky.

We split a can of corn-beef hash that he found behind the counter in the water for breakfast and collected all the plastic that we could find. Fatboy is so smart. He showed me how to keep one set of my clothes wrapped in plastic to keep them dry during our travels each day. He got me some water proof shoes from a department store we found and he gave me his poncho when I lost mine escaping some snakes down by the courthouse building last week.

He’s like a big brother to me.

He reminds me of my brother a lot.


I miss you, David.

I miss you, Mommy. I miss you Daddy.

Today is my eleventh birthday and I’m almost a full-grown woman, Fatboy says… so I gotta start acting like it. I carry my own things now and he gave me pocket knife with a can-opener on it. I’m not going to let him down. I told him that I want to be as strong as him when I become his age but four years seem so far away now. The rain won’t stop and animals keep attacking us when we travel. We rarely see other people and not all of them are good. Maybe I should just be happy making it until my next birthday.

“Surprise, Rayn!”

“Hunh? What are you doing Fatboy?”

“Happy Birthday!!”

“What’s this?”

“It’s a backpack. I found it last night in the back when you were sleep.”


“Open it!”

“WOW!! A tablet with dry paper… and PENS!!”

“Open the front pocket, Rayn!”

“A – A toy pony. It’s yellow like the way the sun used to look, Fatboy.”

“I know, Rayn… because you’re my best friend and my sunshine. You don’t have to be in a rush to grow up. Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you, Fatboy.”


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