What clears a room fastest? Put them in order.

And why in the HECK are you scared of them?!?

The ONLY one remotely dangerous is the Spider and thats only if it is a poisonous one!

Roaches don’t bite!! They merely scamper over your skin and covers when you sleep at night. They eat your trash and stick to that upper wall above your shower near the corner when you’re bathing. When they fly towards you in haste, they’re just trying to escape… they can’t help if they land on the collar of your shirt and scurry down your back to survive. Cut them some slack.

Lizards are hungry… that’s all. They’re hunting insects, while they’re watching you through the glass of your cracked window seal. They like you. They like you a lot. That’s why they try to approach you in their quick little manner, darting across the floor. When they see you jump, they become scared too… and they run for cover and vanish into the darkness waiting on you to forget.

…waiting on you to forget the terror that YOU caused them. It is this that makes them return to stare at you harder. They want you to know and FEEEEELL the hurt that you caused them.

Frogs are dumb! They want to eat you!!

Can’t go into details but I can say just enough…

Had a flying roach sitting in the ceiling corner at my job. I pointed at it and the, ‘Kill it’ comments started as the secretary grabbed her stuff and eased from her nearby desk to the door.

The men laughed until the dang thing moved.

The office emptied out… faster than bulimics before a weigh-in and I saw grown men push women out the way. This was sad… funny, but sad.

I tried to kill the thing, but he fluttered his wings and landed on the counter.

SCREW THAT CRAP!!! I AIN’T PAID ENOUGH! I’ll run into a raging inferno with kerosene on my clothes before I tackle a full grown flying roach!!

don’t tell anyone what you’ve just read, please.

uhm… I gotta go… bye.