This is a new series based on a fun discussion on our forum. One of our very creative members, Inzala, came up with several very fun recipes. We thought we would share them with you.  Here is the first recipe in the series.

TOPIC: “Whats the Special”… Great stuff from Muse and mmcgriff… Stews / Soups; Pies; Bread; Wines; Cheese; … then Apple Pie was mentioned… that is when my mind wondered to Legend. Pies… Apples… don’t ask me how, but brain saw the wood elf being captured from the little hay filled cell by the “cook”; Una beatching after being busted by Jack; Una gets the keys.. and THERE HE IS poppin out of that huge Pot-Pie! Apple in mouth; herb sprigs falling off around him… THAT is WHEN my thoughts went to this…

(4) Whole Onions
(6) Whole Carrots
(8) Potatoes – halved; leave skin on
(5) Apples; Set (1) Apple aside for garnish
(4) In Season Squash – leave skin on; cut in half length wise, gut seeds
(4) Live White Doves – do NOT pluck feathers
(3) Fistfuls of Each Tied separately with Sinew:
Fresh Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, and Tarragon Sprigs
(1) Live Wood Elf; Whole with clothes on

– Homemade Flaky Pie Dough (See Base Recipe)

Prepare Wood Elf
Tie Wood Elf with Sinew; Garnish with (1) Apple in Mouth and (1) of each sprig under arms and under knotted sinew

Divide Flaky Pie Dough in Half; Roll (1) Half of dough 1/4′ thick, set remaining dough aside; Line XL Oval Loaf Pan with half of the pie dough; Cover bottom loaf pan with HALF of the FIRST SEVEN ingredients; Place Wood Elf in Loaf Pan; Place remaining ingredients over Wood Elf; Roll remaining dough 1/4″ thick and cover Wood Elf Mixture; Pinch edges; Vent pie with *3 diagonal slashes, top center of pie; Bake uncovered in 4XL Rock-lined Fire Place, 3 feet above flames; For every 20 minutes, turn pie a quarter turn; Bake until edges are golden brown.

Wood Elf Pie served best with Portabella Mushrooms stuffed with minced quail with seasoned bread crumbs topped lightly with Goat Cheese, Fennel Lavender Fairy Stew and 3Lamb Blood-Berry Wine.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE TO BAKER: Prince of Darkness DeMANDS (3) THREE diagonal slashes in the following order \ small \ LARGE \ small.

Contact Blix with any reservations when making this meal.

Kitchen Scene from “Legend” Film circa 1985