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Continuing our fantasy recipe theme, I’m sharing the Banquet recipes that Inzala described following the Prince of Darkness Wood Elf Pot Pie recipe.
This would of course be the banquet menu for a formal occasion.






Prince of Darkness
Unicorn Under the Lemon Yellow Sky
Neptune’s Dying Heart

Feeding the Minions
Goblin Mermaid Soup


Appetizer Recipes:

Unicorn Under the Lemon Yellow Sky

22 lbs Unicorn Fillets – slice 1/8′
85 Lemons
19 Pearl Onions – sliced very thin
13 Fresh Parsley Bunches – crush to release flavors
6 Loaves Dark Grain Bead – Thickly sliced

Zest 16/58 lemons into a large bowl; squeeze lemon juice into the bowl; Add Peal Onions and Parsley; Whisk Lemon Mixture; Set aside; *Slice Unicorn fillets 1/8′; Add Unicorn slices into lemon mixture; Let the fillets rest until meat turns a warm **chestnut color. Toss and Serve with toasted dark grain bread.

*Slice Unicorn meat only when ready to place immediately into lemon mixture for utmost freshness!

**If the Unicorn meat turns white, it is beyond eatable – throw out and make again from scratch.

Neptune’s Dying Heart

Combine the following (7) ingredients in a gigantic mixing bowl and set aside
18 Dungeons Crabs – remove meat
16 Pounds XL Large Shrimp – peeled and de-veined
8 Cups Seasoned Bread Crumbs
6 Cup Freshly Graded Parmigiano Cheese
7 Cups Fresh Spinach – cut into slivers, lengthwise
5 Cups Pearl Onions – whole
3 Garlic Bulbs – Pressed

1 Freshly caught Mermaid; remove, scale and gut tail; *KEEP FINS and TAIL INTACT; Set top portion aside for Goblin Mermaid Soup

14 Pounds of Phyllo dough – Paper thin; reserve 2 lbs of dough for presentation
Some water

Take the Crab Mixture and stuff Mermaid Tail; place stuffed tail in the center of Phyllo dough; then carefully wrap stuffed tail with Phyllo dough; wet edges as you wrap tail to secure as you go; flip over wrapped tail and placed folded side down on to a baking sheet prepared with fish oil. With remaining dough, form a Triton Piercing a Heart Shape and secure it in the center of the wrapped tail with water.

Bake uncovered in Stone Lined Fire Place until the dough turns a light golden brown.

* DARK LORD enjoys the delicate Fins and Tails, knowing this Mermaid did not get away causing great mental anguish on Triton himself!

Goblin Mermaid Soup

Place top portion of mermaid in boiling water with 2 onions sliced thin; 4 potatoes quartered; 1/2 handful dried Thyme and Savory. To add more flavor without using more ingredients, tightly pinch herbs when adding to soup. Stir and simmer over open flame until meat falls off the bone.

Serving Size: 1 Cup per Goblin