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Ok, I calmed down from doing my cartwheels and backflips since I heard the news that my favorite band of all time was back on the scene to write this post.  After four years of anxiously awaiting (and having their other albums on repeat) Amy Lee and the boys are back together with a new album simply titled Evanescence due to drop October 11.  I missed Amy’s beautiful, melodic, and enchanted vocals that were laced over hard hitting, totally Epic, and makes-me-wanna-get-on-a-horse-and-slay-something drums and guitar strings.  I had to write about them because it was their song Lacrymosa that inspired my entire novel.  It was that song that planted the very idea that I spent the last two years bringing to life.  When I need a heavy dose of inspiration, I put on my Evanescence playlist on my IPOD and the words can’t help but flow.  (I promised myself that if my book ever became a movie, I would sell my house just so they can be on the soundtrack!).

So why the long wait?  This is what Amy Lee says in this article on

“I would buy groceries, I thought about teaching kids music … I just needed to get away from it. My entire adult life, until a couple years ago, was all about this,” she told MTV News. “When I just turned 18, I got signed. I quit college, and we just moved into a house together and just started cramming to do whatever we needed to do to make it. And then we went to L.A., and the label had us up there doing artist development for a couple years, and then we were on tour and it went big fast, and then right after touring behind Fallen, we started writing again right away. … I just wanted to be a normal person for a minute, before I was 50 years old.

“I got married and we were in the middle of a tour — I had, like, one week off, and then we went straight back on tour — and there was plenty of stuff that went on in that time; there was drama … there’s always freaking drama,” she continued. “So we get towards the end of it, and I was like, ‘Guys, I don’t know about this. I need a break.’ I just wanted to be normal; I didn’t want to think about the next thing for as long as it took.”

That is totally understandable and so glad to see them back in the game!  Their talent is undeniable and even after all this time, we fans are here with open arms and let me tell you their newest single, What you Want, does not disappoint! 

Check it out and let me know what you kids think!

(And if by some chance you have not checked out their music because I dunno, you’ve been living under a rock, then I suggest you go and download all of their albums – like now!)

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