A while back, I bought a set of inexpensive DVDs (probably about $3 at BigLots) called TV Guide Presents Classic Television – 12 episodes on 2 DVDs.

I’ve previously heard that some TV show DVD collections omit the original music because the packagers don’t want to pay huge amounts for the music rights. I’ve encountered this once before, watching Married… With Children online, They have substituted some truly bad generic instrumental music for the ever-popular “Love And Marriage.”

Even Al Bundy couldn’t prepare me for the dismay of watching The Beverly Hillbillies without “The Ballad Of Jed Clampett,” however. Once again, it had some truly awful generic instrumental music instead. Then Bonanza, with even more truly bad generic instrumental music instead of the familiar tune. They were all classic shows, most notably Granny trying to catch the giant jackrabbit and the Cartwrights trying to capture an escaped army prisoner. At 25c per program, who could complain?

There were other programs, like Ozzie and Harriet and The Red Skelton Show, but I didn’t remember their music so I didn’t really feel like I’d missed anything.

Dare I watch disk 2 next week?

Bottom Line: Don’t expect everything on the cheap anthology DVDs you find at places like BigLots and WalMart, and you won’t be disappointed.