“A character’s flaw is an opportunity.” Via Writing Geekery


When it comes to developing characters, you need a flaw. From the protagonist to the hero, your plot must contain “real” characters. Character disorders actually become social survival in the world you create. People do not like people who are too perfect.


Here is a list of 5 Types of Disorders to get you started. Ask yourself what your character needs for a dynamic creation of plot twists…



This character has a complete disregard for the feelings of others. He or she violates the rights, personal space, or emotions of your other characters. This character may be arrogant, distant, or just plain mean. Or, could even just be unskilled and untrained at social interaction.




This character is distrustful of people, systems, and institutions. Whether he or she creates conspiracy theories or is just untrusting in relationships, this character flaw can go from the minor to the extreme.






This one has a hard time standing on his or her terms. This can arise as social inhibition, feelings of anxiety and inadequacy, or self-criticism. It could be the character that won’t get a job, the one who is afraid of leaving the house, or the friend on the couch you just cannot shake.






Obsessive Compulsive

These characters are all about control. They control their world through extreme organization, cleaning, and scheduling. This can manifest in one area of their lives, like at work, or could be a theme throughout.








This character is the attention seeker! Always wanting to be in the spotlight, he or she is self-indulgent and lacking in empathy. He lives in a grandiose world of how he wants things to be. Bragging and showing off, leading every conversation back to him, are qualities that will become apparent.








So, there you have a list of five personality flaws to begin.



What’s your main character’s flaw?

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