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Priest: Great Story, Mediocre Script

  After seeing the trailer for this movie when my husband and I went to see Battle Los Angeles, we both agreed that this was a film we had to see. This weekend provided the perfect opportunity!  We took my little sister to her high school prom...

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Summer Movie Alert: Final Destination 5

  A quick run down courtesty of Yahoo! Movies: A group of co-workers on a corporate retreat escape the collapse of a suspension bridge because of a fellow worker’s premonition of the disaster,and then are hunted by an invisible force that...

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Insidious: Okay You Scared Me!

One of my wedding anniversary festivities was taking a trip to the movies to see Insidious. My expectations weren’t high because to me it’s a rarity to see a really scary movie these days. Nothing compares to movies like these anymore because...

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