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Ashes in the Fall: A review

Start with a story of a quest for redemption and revenge. Set it against a backdrop of sibling rivalry and blood-brothers. Stir it well with the vicious cycle of oppression and revolt. Season it with the searing loss of loved ones and friends...

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Aether Legion: A Book Review

It was with great anticipation that I delved into this sequel to Adventures Above The Aether, which was a page turning attention grabber from the start, and Aether Legion does NOT disappoint. The story takes place several years after the exploits...

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The Elite Forces Division: Who is Knight?

We are continuing with the Who Is series as we gear up for the release of the The Elite Forces Division by Edward J Stinson Jr. this Memorial Day.  Last week Islander had his chance to shine and he happens to be one of my favs (Can you imagine a...

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