I Am Number Four is in movies today!! (insert excited squealing here!)  So to celebrate this awesome day, I thought it would only be right to give a review of the book (which I hope the movie sticks too!)

Summary courtesy of Goodreads:

Nine of us came here. We look like you. We talk like you. We live among you. But we are not you. We can do things you dream of doing. We have powers you dream of having. We are stronger and faster than anything you have ever seen. We are the superheroes you worship in movies and comic books—but we are real.

Our plan was to grow, and train, and become strong, and become one, and fight them. But they found us and started hunting us first. Now all of us are running. Spending our lives in shadows, in places where no one would look, blending in. we have lived among you without you knowing.

But they know.

They caught Number One in Malaysia.
Number Two in England.
And Number Three in Kenya.
They killed them all.

I am Number Four.

I am next

Favorite Parts of the Book:

I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to give it too much away, but my favorite part of the book was the big battle scene at the end.  It was what I was waiting for through the entire book and didn’t disappoint!  For a really cool glimpse at what I’m talking about, check out this movie snippet!  Number 6 rocks!

Favorite Character:

Though book for me didn’t have too much in the way of character development because the action was just nonstop, I did have two favorite characters: Sarah and Sam.  I liked Sam because he was a total nerd/conspiracy theorist that made him such a colorful character. His new found loyalty to the main character John towards the end was also very admirable.  I also liked Sarah, John’s love interest and a mean-girl turned good turn girl who loves photography and really loves John, even when she finds out what he’s really about.  Gotta love a girl for that!

The Good News:

This book is nonstop action from beginning to end!  With my hectic schedule, I devoured this book in two days which says a whole lot for me.  The book was constantly moving, even during the down time where I learn about the new alien race, the significance of the numbers, and why they were here on Earth.  I loved the fact that main character’s powers developed through the book, building up to his awesomeness instead of laying it all out in the beginning.   The fight scenes were vivid and the use of flashbacks was just right.  I didn’t feel like the information was just dumped in one section of the book.  The ending was a cliffhanger, just the way I liked them and I am definitely waiting on the next installment in this series.

Now for the bad news:

I haven’t read YA fiction in a really long time, so with that said, I thought the writing itself was just a little too simple for me.  I know the book was written in first person, however, I just thought some sentences were way too short and abrupt, especially during the downtime of the novel.  I also thought there were some spots I thought were written out of convenience.  Definitely minor things compared to the overall spirit of the book.

So have you read this book yet?  Are you as stupidly excited about this movie as I am?

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  • Mariana Shaw

    March 2, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Great post again. Loved reading it. I enjoyed this movie.