To take a break from the super hectic week my husband and I were having, we went to see Battle Los Angeles – a movie that looked like an Independence Day remake on the surface.  I only read a few reviews about it and for the most part they weren’t so great, but hubby wanted to see it and my brain was too fried to see anything else.

Good Points:

Completely and totally action packed from beginning to end.   I enjoy watching things get blown up, crazy aliens pop up out of nowhere and watch characters try to get out of no-win situations.  There were actually plenty of no-win situations throughout the movie.  I found myself thinking “these people are soo screwed” a lot through the movie!  Just when you thought this team of soldiers was in the clear, here come the aliens jacking up their plans.   The aliens seemed to be unstoppable and I’m glad the director’s didn’t make things too convenient nor too “clean”.  The characters were put into sticky situations and some of them didn’t make it , which would be a whole lot more realistic than everybody making it out safe and sound.  The special effects were awesome and I liked the fact the aliens were more mechanical than organic in nature – i.e, I really didn’t want to see moody aliens in a movie like this!

Bad Points:

I can feel the critics when it comes to character development and how it may seem that each of the marine soldiers were very cookie cutter.  Because there was so much action going on, there wasn’t a lot of room for downtime, which is essential for having the viewers connect with the characters.  I think if the slowed down the action a little bit more and even start the movie a little further back than a day before the invasion, like Independence Day did, they could build on that connection.  I really didn’t feel connected to anyone in particular in the movie.  Any one of them could’ve died (and they did) and my heart wasn’t wrenched.  Yeah, I felt bad and some of them didn’t have to go out like that, but I quickly got over it.  The characters of course didn’t and I couldn’t relate to those few moments of grief they had in the movie.

If you’re looking for a shoot-em up, blow up ish, watch the world go to hell, and cool alien machinery, then this is the movie for you.  Take the film at face value, don’t look for any type of deeper meaning, and enjoy it for what it is.  If you look for anything else, you would be disappointed!

Have you seen this movie yet?  What did you think?


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  • Omen

    April 4, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    I SO agree with your last paragraph about taking it for what it is. For me, this opens up an entire challenge to the critics out there, when it comes to movies such as this. I read a few reviews on this EXCELLENT piece of work and they all whined about character development WITHOUT the final paragraph that you included.

    Who established that ALL great movies MUST have full and complete character build?

    Was it ever taken into account that the TRUE character in this story might be MANKIND in general or possibly the MARINES as a whole?!? Could these closed-minded anal-pit searchers paid to find flaws… EVER expand their thoughts to analyze something diiferent from the norm.

    If one viewed this movie from the aspect of the Marine Corps being the living and breathin protagonist in this story, was it not about it failing and rising up through discovery to become a hero? Did it NOT need the help from others (the Air Force soldier)in order to find victory? Did it NOT require sacrifice for the greater good, have flaws, and face the torment of past mistakes? Was it NOT challenged? Did it NOT have love for it nation?

    Did the image of the Marines create INSPIRATION within the viewers at the end by showing their determination to save their country… their HOME?

    Is this NOT what we seek in a CHARACTER driven movie?

    Dear Mr. Ebert and others… I can tell that you have never served, sacrificed, lived, or been willing to die for anything greater than yourselves!! The Marine Corps is NOT about ONE man! It is about a band of warriors that have worked and trained to become ONE force, ONE breath, and ONE fist dedicated to battling the foes that YOU dare to face while sleeping under the umbrella of their sacrifices! These are MARINES!! Some of the finest unknown celebrities on this planet willing to die for YOU without ever telling you their name!

    Learn that there are always other ways to judge and be willing to blaze the trail to understanding. If not… stay out of the damn theatres that these movies are showing, because you will NEVER understand!!

    OORAH! This movie was awesome!!

  • M. McGriff

    April 5, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    @Omen – Loved your comment!! Yes, it’s very true that not everything has to have all the elements of a good movie. You’re right, maybe the director’s vision was just to represent mankind as a whole, instead of focusing on specific characters. One thing I did feel and understand was how the Marine Corps isn’t about one man but rather the unit as a whole. I totallly got that and like I said, without the character development, I still enjoyed the movie. It didn’t promise a deep down connection but rather some ish blowing up. Movies I don’t like are the ones that promise one thing and fail to deliver.

  • The Muse

    April 5, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    @OMEN~~ I agree about the critics. While this movie wouldnt be my cup of tea…I beleive that a lot of critics are overpaid opinion givers…and we all have opinions. You are probably quite correct about how much knowledge the have of the Marines.
    @MMCGRIFF~~Im with you….I hate a movie that completely does not live up to its promises and to the trailers. Nothing more aggravating than spending money to be let down!