Ashes of the Fall, written by Christopher Martinez

Start with a story of a quest for redemption and revenge. Set it against a backdrop of sibling rivalry and blood-brothers. Stir it well with the vicious cycle of oppression and revolt. Season it with the searing loss of loved ones and friends, despair and anguish; then allow the doomed flower of tragic love to bloom in the midst of it all.

Listen to the exploits of Carleon, a seasoned veteran and Danario, an untried youth, brought together by tyranny and a plot of revenge in the middle of a rebellion. Add to this a supporting cast that is vibrant with life and a setting of exotic appeal, featuring forests of Bloodoaks and awe-inspiring cities.

Martinez tale of conflict shows the desperate and often futile efforts to overcome tyranny. Selfishness contrasts with self-sacrifice. Love, loss and angst flavor this action packed story of a warrior seeking redemption, a boy, who having lost everything that matters, finding new purpose and a royal family rife with betrayal. The land, torn by the vindictiveness of oppression, desperately reaches out for hope.

Once you pick this up, you will find yourself hard pressed to put it down. Of the fantasy genre, the story has no magic or magical races in it, but does feature some mythological creatures as the ultimate predators to be faced by only the bravest of warriors. But it does NOT suffer for lack of that magic. It is action packed and will keep you turning the pages.

The characters are well written and so human in their reactions to the situations they face that you even find yourself understanding the view of the villain…even as you despise him. These characters react in ways that we probably all would if facing the same situations.

If you enjoy a tale of adventure and the underdog, if you appreciate the poignant, if you are appealed to by tragic circumstances, then you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Happy Reading!

~The Muse