It was with great anticipation that I delved into this sequel to Adventures Above The Aether, which was a page turning attention grabber from the start, and Aether Legion does NOT disappoint.

The story takes place several years after the exploits of Hap Solomon and his cohorts that took them to the realms above and into civilizations heretofore unknown by Human kind. Having gone their separate ways back to their own lives, we find that one by one the adventurers are disappearing. Mysterious doppelgänger of each appear and soon the mystery and the chase is on.

Throw into the mix a few nefariously greedy and ruthless villains, exotic locations all over the globe, alien technology of the brass and steam persuasion, and some romantic entanglements that you NEVER saw coming and you have a highly entertaining read.

Mr. Strock skillfully weaves several storylines together into a rich and complex tapestry that would do Jules Verne proud. The world building and characters that he introduces allow you to fully believe the story as realistic, although a steampunk high fantasy science fiction story. And yes, I just used all of those terms together, since, quite honestly, they all apply.

If you are a fan of steampunk or are new to the Genre, this is a MUST read, along with its predecessor Adventures Above The Aether. Both are available on

This Muse HIGHLY recommends them.

Happy Reading Everyone!!