What would you do if you lost everything, and found out you were going to lose your life as well?
Fed up with crime and injustice, Alex Breydon finds himself in such a position.
No one has super powers. There are no such things as alien threats, and people do not possess magical abilities.
This is real life.

We are tremendously proud and very excited to announce the release of our first publication:

By John Reid

We have listed it at an exceptionally reasonable price, so that it can be accessible to people of every income range.

And in the spirit of Knight-Hood, Mr. Reid is very generously donating 40% of his royalties on the story to Feed America Tampa Bay.

So not only will your purchase (should you choose to indulge) provide you with some fast paced, completely absorbing entertainment, but you will be supporting a wonderful cause as well.

These things having been said, the following is a review done on this exciting and enthralling tale:

I am LOVING the Knight-Hood book!!!

What’s the word on this one?!? It threw me off when I first started going through it because I couldn’t decide on the tone that the author (John Reid) was trying to establish. I thought that he was going to approach the character as one of the guys who wears a costume, walks around, and break up bar fights.


This was a COMPLETE adventure!! This character stayed true to his core-traits of wits and intelligence. It was a game of chess being played in a world of checkers!

The author took a very complex approach to the storytelling that was SO smooth and simple, you didn’t know it was happening. He used the old-styled ‘Pulp’ feel along with the magic of youthful comic book dreams… then he added real world challenges that a reader could relate to.

Forgive me if I slip up, but I am struggling NOT to give any Spoilers!

His Worldbuilding gave a local feel to the overall story while stretching it arms by playing news stories and showing the reactions of the city to give it reach. Nice work.

The Storytelling is the true piece that blew my mind. Above all, the hidden gem of this story was how well John Reid handled the aspect of DRAMA!!

Remember, DRAMA is made up of Discovery, Passion, and Conflict…each one of these became actual tools in this story that made it work on the reader’s mind. It was HARD to get ahead of the tale because of the cliffhangers and revelations. DRAMA was the centerpiece to this entire piece of work, it kept me reading the next chapter and satisfied.

It also opened the door to quality character development. I felt that Alex (the main character) was originally a flat character and he was simply a merger of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, and The Green Hornet. I looked beyond him… until I saw his true purpose through his actions.

He had his reasons and he remained true to his morals and approach. When challenged in the most extreme situations, he maintained his integrity and this is something lost in many of the modern hero stories told.

Overall… The Adventures of Knight-Hood is an incredible and fun read!! If you have a Sunday off, a blue sky, a big tree with shade, and a little free time… this is one that you CAN’T miss!!

I promise you, when you start reading, your mind will go through all the different ages of hero storytelling and allow you to feel that old-school magic of heroism that has been lost for so long!!!