Adventures Above The Aether book cover
Adventures Above The Aether

I had the delightful privilege of reading a particularly entertaining novel by Winfield H. Strock, and published by Rebel Ink Press.

Written in the true Jules Verne fashion, it overflowed with adventure, intrigue, and all kinds of steampunky goodness.

Take one soldier, turned cowboy, turned miner, turned reporter who wants to be a novelist. Add one gentleman scientist/showman, one Doctor adventurer and his lovely wife, one shady hitman/enforcer/bodyguard, and one somewhat insane revolutionist. Stir in some industrial espionage, several civilizations from other celestial bodies, and some steampowered space travel. Spice it well with alien landscapes and a historic voyage that mankind can never know about, and you have the recipe for an amazing adventure.

With the full flavor of a Vernian novel, the story has action that reminds me in some ways of Indiana Jones, and in some ways of Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes. The pace is so well written you find it nearly impossible to put the book down.

The characters are well written. Complex enough to be intriguing, realistic enough to be completely believable. I love how Mr. Strock describes not only their strengths, but also their very human foibles and weaknesses…even to the point of fanatic zealotry on the part of a character or two.

The worlds described are distinct. The sights are vividly brought to the minds eye with fantastic descriptiveness that paints the images with words just as an artist uses a brush.

Not only will the adventures of Solomon “Hap” Hanson keep you on the edge of your seat…they will leave you hungry for more.

My biggest disappointment is the hunger to know SO much more about the worlds we are introduced to in Adventures Above The Aether.