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A Few Thoughts

This has been an absolutely amazing year! I can’t help but look back at my accomplishments and realize that I have done a lot despite not having a lot of time to spare.

I’ve worked around distractions and faced a lot of delays. As we speak, Sesame Street is playing in the background singing about the Letter T. The muppet veggies are having a protest, Zoe is singing an Italian song about refusing to eat her Broccoli, and my little boy is joyfully throwing every single toy out of his playpen. I’m not quite sure why he’s doing this but it seems to make him happy. Maybe he’s simply redecorating.

I have managed to write this blog twice a week consistently for the last few months, I update my events and social media several times a week, and I am launching book 2 of my children’s book series on December 7.
Between watching my son, cleaning my home, performing my show at schools and festivals, and keeping some semblance of a social life, I always make time to get these things done. There is no option in my mind, they are imperative for my writing career. That’s that!

Why am I telling you all of this? Because if I can manage to eke out a few hours of my busy day to write something, so can you!

To be successful in writing, you must write all the time! If you want to call yourself a writer then you have to make the effort.

I feel like I have achieved the status of successful writer only because I am determined to write a little every single day. Even if I’m writing about my cat on the mat or my baby son making a mess, I’m still writing, and that’s my point.

The more you write the more likely you will achieve you writing goal. So pick up your pen, or phone, grab your computer or tablet and get to work!