Being that I am literally like neck deep in my novel, I sometimes feel uninspired. It can be super hard to lose that creative spark that got your writing your book in the first place and when you are soo deep into mechanics, plotting, and meeting your writing quotas, it can get lost in the sauce!

So today I took a little time out and put together a little inspiration board for my story Damaris, the first book in my Children of Epsilon series. I chose images that represented different scenes, objects and places in my story. It was kind of like putting a picture to the text, giving me a hard visual about what I’m writing about. I never did one before but it was kinda fun and helped bring the big ideas I had for my novel back into focus, giving me motivation to push forward through all the minor stuff!

A Writer's Inspiration Board

I also wanted to throw in a little Youtube video for one of my favorite songs to write to from Lisa Gerrard called Sacrafice. Her voice is amazing and instills such a mood in you that I can write for hours! I found this video that I just had to share because it’s a mini movie set to the song. You can’ t help but feel inspired after watching this!

What do you do to help get your creative juices flowing again?

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